Planetary Science

  1. Planetary Science

    Eyeing a Saturn storm

    The Cassini spacecraft recently captured an image of the most powerful storm ever seen on Saturn.

  2. Planetary Science

    Stellar passage yields Charon’s girth

    By observing Pluto's moon Charon passing in front of a star, astronomers have obtained precise measurements of the moon's radius and density.

  3. Planetary Science

    One star better than two?

    Rather than disrupting the planet-forming process around another star, a nearby companion may sometimes enhance it, new computer simulations suggest.

  4. Planetary Science

    Moon spray

    The Cassini spacecraft has found conclusive evidence that the south pole of Saturn's moon Enceladus spews jets of icy particles into space.

  5. Planetary Science

    Red Planet Express: Mars spacecraft traces a watery tale

    A Mars-orbiting spacecraft has provided new details about when and where liquid water existed on the planet.

  6. Planetary Science

    Martian dust storm

    In late October, a day after Mars and Earth were at their closest approach until 2018, the Hubble Space Telescope captured an image of a large dust storm on the Red Planet.

  7. Planetary Science

    Found and lost

    Astronomers who previously announced that they had identified the likely remains of the Mars Polar Lander in images taken by an orbiting spacecraft now say that they were fooled by electronic noise in those images.

  8. Planetary Science

    Mars or Bust!

    Scientists are working to overcome the biomedical challenges that would hinder a human voyage to Mars.

  9. Planetary Science

    Cassini snaps icy moon Dione

    Saturn's small moon Dione has a heavily-cratered, fractured surface.

  10. Planetary Science

    Groovy Science

    The Cassini spacecraft is shedding new light on Saturn's icy rings.

  11. Planetary Science

    Protecting Earth: Gravitational tractor could lure asteroids off course

    Relying solely on the tug of gravity, a proposed spacecraft could divert an asteroid on a collision course with Earth.

  12. Planetary Science

    New Partners: Hubble finds more moons around Pluto

    Astronomers using the Hubble Space Telescope have spied two tiny moons orbiting Pluto, giving this planet a total of three satellites.