Quantum Physics

  1. Quantum Physics

    Quantum links provide clues to causation

    Quantum entanglement enables physicists to determine cause and effect just by tracking the association between two measurements.

  2. Quantum Physics

    Finding quantum entanglement in a crowd

    Physicists have measured entanglement between pairs of photons within a macroscopic beam of light, a first step toward understanding how particles’ quantum connections lead to large-scale effects.

  3. Quantum Physics

    Light trick can retrieve missed messages

    Even if photons pass you by, you can still snatch a signal from their electromagnetic wake, physicists propose.

  4. Quantum Physics

    Trying to get the down-low on gravity

    A twist on a classic quantum mechanics experiment could lead to the discovery of elusive gravitons.

  5. Quantum Physics

    Physicists double their teleportation power

    In a teleportation first, physicists transfer two quantum properties from one photon to another.

  6. Quantum Physics

    Quantum guessing game uses the future to predict the past

    Physicists extrapolate forward and backward in time to make accurate predictions about an object’s quantum state at a particular moment.

  7. Calabi-Yau manifold
    Quantum Physics

    Top 10 scientific mysteries for the 21st century

    Solving the Top 10 scientific mysteries facing the 21st century will not be all fun but could be mostly games.

  8. still from the movie "A Boy and His Atom"
    Quantum Physics

    Physicists debate whether quantum math is as real as atoms

    Physicists debate whether quantum states are as real as atoms or are just tools for forecasting phenomena.

  9. Quantum Physics

    Bell’s math showed that quantum weirdness rang true

    50 years ago, John Bell proved a theorem that led the way to establishing the weirdness of quantum physics.

  10. Particle Physics

    Two new particles found at Large Hadron Collider

    Physicists with the Large Hadron Collider beauty experiment have identified two new particles called Xi_b'- and Xi_b*-.

  11. Quantum Physics

    Milestone algorithm runs on quantum computer

    An algorithm proposed two decades ago that demonstrated the benefit of using quantum mechanics to solve certain problems has finally been run on a quantum computer.

  12. Physics

    Magnetic detector identifies single protons

    An MRI-like machine can scan an individual proton, raising prospects that a similar technique could eventually image biological molecules one by one.