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Quantum Physics

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VACUUM ATTRACTION  Fleeting electromagnetic waves nudge parallel plates together through a phenomenon called the Casimir effect, illustrated here. If the same thing works with gravitational waves, it could prove the existence of particles that transmit gravity.

Calabi-Yau manifold

Calabi-Yau manifolds like this one represent extra dimensions tightly curled and wound up so they can't be detected. The question of how many dimensions of space there actually are is one of the top scientific mysteries for 21st century scientists to solve.

still from the movie "A Boy and His Atom"

Physicist-philosopher Ernst Mach denied that atoms were more than a hypothetical tool, but later work confirmed their existence — as did IBM's 2013 stop-motion movie "A Boy and His Atom," made by precisely positioning individual atoms. These days, physicists debate whether quantum wave functions are as real as atoms or just tools for forecasting phenomena. 

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