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Quantum Physics

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Aristotle and Werner Heisenberg

Physicist Werner Heisenberg (right) believed that quantum mechanics implied an aspect of reality similar to the concept of “potential” advocated by the Greek philosopher Aristotle (left). A new paper suggests that the mysteries of quantum mechanics might be resolved by incorporating such “potential” elements of reality in a complete picture of nature.   

telescope in Graz, Austria

SECRET CODE A telescope in Graz, Austria, received particles of light beamed down to Earth from the Chinese satellite Micius. Those photons encode a quantum encryption key used in a secure quantum videoconference. A laser on the telescope tracks the satellite’s location in the sky.

empty space

HEAT WAVE  Accelerating at a high rate could make empty space seem hot, according to an idea called the Unruh effect. Scientists may have spotted signs of an analogous phenomenon in ripples of water.

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