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  1. birth control pills

    Is taking birth control as a teen linked to depression? It’s complicated

    As researchers sift through conflicting data, no clear answers emerge on whether birth control during teenage years can cause depression later.

  2. EPA headquarters building

    Critics say an EPA rule may restrict science used for public health regulations

    Editors of six major scientific journals argue that a rule proposed by the U.S. EPA may keep key data from factoring into environmental regulations.

  3. solar panel

    Most Americans now see signs of climate change where they live

    In a Pew Research survey, most Americans said the U.S. government isn’t doing enough to counter climate change amid local weather extremes.

  4. A. sediba fossil
    Science & Society

    A Dallas museum hosts rare hominid fossils from South Africa

    Fossils of the South African hominids Australopithecus sediba and Homo naledi are on display at the Perot Museum of Science and History in Dallas.

  5. DNA in a magnifying glass illustration
    Science & Society

    Why a warrant to search GEDmatch’s genetic data has sparked privacy concerns

    A search warrant issued by a state judge in Florida gives police access to DNA profiles of over a million Americans in a public genealogy database.

  6. Henry V wedding

    The medieval Catholic Church may have helped spark Western individualism

    Early Catholic Church decrees transformed families and may help explain why Western societies today tend to be individualistic and nonconformist.

  7. Crosses for Chicago gun violence victims
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    Can neighborhood outreach reduce inner-city gun violence in the U.S.?

    While mass shootings grab U.S. headlines, the steady scourge of inner-city gun violence gets less attention — and fewer solutions.

  8. Geyserville

    Here’s what it will take to adapt the power grid to higher wildfire risks

    Better sensing tech on power lines and reliance on more local power sources could help avoid vast power outages like those in California in October.

  9. Alaska Permanent Fund
    Science & Society

    Alaska’s free money for residents hints at how universal basic income may work

    Since 1982, Alaskans have gotten an annual oil dividend. Scientists say that program hints at the pros and cons of a universal basic income.