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Analyze the climate change data

Students will work in groups to explore available data and research various aspects of climate change and then present their findings to the class.

Alarm bells for planet Earth

Students can search the Science News archive for the earliest stories on climate change and for techniques to combat it.

From lactose to glucose

Students will test the effect of different conditions on lactase, an enzyme that catalyzes the conversion of milk sugar to simple sugar.

Illuminating catalysts

Students will test different types of catalysts and conditions for the light-producing luminol reaction.

Speedy stories from the archive

Students will search the Science News archive to explore the history of catalytic material technology.

Goodnight moon

Students will calculate the angular momentum and density of the moon and consider the implications of the results for various theories of the moon's origin.

A lunar journey

Students will search the Science News archive for other stories related to moon formation.

Mowing down cancer cells

Working in pairs, students will analyze a graph of data from one of the cancer experiments described in "Cancer's sweet cloak."

Archives track a long war

Students will explore the history of cancer therapy research by searching the Science News archive.

Wave detection

Students will design, build, test and optmize their own light-based detector for waves (a simple optical seismometer) and will explore how this detector relates to more sophisticated gravitational wave detectors.

Wave generation

Students will generate and observe waves in a clear pan of water, drawing connections between these waves and light and gravitational waves.

Artificial intelligence through the years

Students will search the Science News archive for stories related to artificial intelligence, its applications and potential issues.