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Antilia 2 galaxy

GHOSTLY GALAXY  The dim galaxy Antlia 2 (faint glow shown at right in this illustration) was found orbiting the Milky Way (center) in 2018. It’s a bit bigger than the Large Magellanic Cloud, another satellite galaxy (left), but contains far fewer stars. 

cemetery excavation

SMOKED OUT  Excavations of tombs such as this at a cemetery in western China yielded evidence that people burned cannabis and inhaled its fumes during rituals for the dead around 2,500 years ago.

chemical compound binding to enterovirus pocket

IN THE POCKET  A chemical compound (illustrated at center) binds to a never-before-seen pocket on the protein shell (blue, white and magenta) of an enterovirus, preventing replication.


RABID BITE  Over the last 80 years, wild animals such as bats have replaced dogs as a major cause of rabies-related deaths in Americans. 

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