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illustration of an electron

ROLY-POLY  An electron (illustrated) orbits an atom’s nucleus, with a cloud of other hypothetical subatomic particles that could squash the electron’s shape. But so far, measurements show that the electron seems to be almost perfectly round, providing no hint of yet-to-be-found particles.

a photo of Angkor Wat temple

WATERED DOWN  Medieval Angkor suffered a big blow when the city’s water system reacted badly to a fluctuating climate, a study suggests. Angkor Wat temple — a popular tourist destination — was once part of Greater Angkor.

skull from Roman cemetery

STAY DEAD  A child buried in a fifth century Roman cemetery had a stone placed in his or her mouth as part of a funeral ritual to keep the body from coming back to life, scientists say.

child looking antisocial

HEAD START  Studying early signs of autism in the developing brain may ultimately help researchers figure out why more boys are diagnosed with the disorder than girls.        

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