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5/2/15 Cover
earthquake damage in Kathmandu

SHAKE DOWN  A magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck April 25 northwest of Nepal’s capital city, Kathmandu. Scientists worry that other segments of the seismic fault could produce even more powerful quakes.


MIX AND MATCH  Fossils found in Chile reveal a new dinosaur species with a mishmash of anatomy — a little bit T. rex and a little bit Brontosaurus.

Helicopter over one of Antarctica's frozen dry valleys

ICED OVER  Using a helicopter-mounted sensor, researchers have spotted liquid water beneath one of Antarctica’s frozen dry valleys. The water could harbor a microbial ecosystem, the researchers say.

WARMING WORLD  Extremely hot weather — like the drought that dried up this swimming hole in Australia — and pounding rainfall are on the rise thanks in large part to human-caused climate change.

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