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Apollo 15 lunar module

LUNAR LEFTOVERS   Astronauts, like those who touched down in the Apollo 15 lunar module (shown) in July 1971, left a lot on the moon’s surface, from scientific instruments to trash.

right whales

WHALE TALES  The vocal repertoire of southern right whales includes quiet calls that may help mothers and calves stay in touch while hiding their location from predators, a study finds.

praying mantis

LIFE IN 3-D  Colored filters let a praying mantis watch a 3-D video of a moving disk while researchers studied the nerve cells that contribute to the insect’s depth perception.

Elektorornis chenguangi

LONGFINGER  Elektorornis chenguangi, a newly identified species of bird that lived about 99 million years ago (shown in an artist’s reconstruction), had a bizarrely long third digit on its foot. The extra-long toe may have helped in foraging for food.

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