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drilling into Lake Mercer

LONG WAY DOWN Mud drawn from an Antarctic lake buried underneath a kilometer of ice contains what appear to be remnants of animals like crustaceans and water bears.

KAGRA experiment

DEEP AND COLD  Chilled mirrors and an underground hideout (shown) should help the KAGRA experiment in its upcoming search for gravitational waves.

honeybee with a Varroa destructor mite

A MITE MISUNDERSTOOD  Long a scourge of honeybees, Varroa destructor mites may have been misunderstood for decades. It’s not bee “blood” they’re after, a study finds.

lunar map

SCARRED SURFACE  The moon held on to almost all the craters it’s ever acquired in 4.5 billion years of impacts. This lunar map is surrounded by images of 111 craters wider than 10 kilometers and younger than a billion years.

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