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SECRET WEAPON  Elephants have some unique defenses against cancer, including a once-dormant gene that plays a role in killing damaged cells before they have a chance to turn cancerous.

Parker probe in rocket

RARING TO GO  The Parker Solar Probe is shown here on July 16, 2018, mounted atop the final rocket stage that will take it to the sun and next to part of the casing that will protect it during launch. The probe is set to launch from Cape Canaveral on August 11.

Abell S1063

LIGHTING THE DARK  A feeble glare known as intracluster light traces the location of dark matter within galaxy clusters such as Abell S1063 (shown).

illustration of two brains

OUT OF THE ORDINARY  Two new books take readers on a tour of the mind by exploring brains that do things in different ways.

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