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Ryugu asteroid

CASTING A LONG SHADOW  The Japanese Hayabusa2 spacecraft (whose shadow is visible at the top of the image) took this picture of the asteroid Ryugu on February 22 about one minute after touching down on its surface and then lifting off again. 

depression drug

FAST RELIEF  A new drug based on the anesthetic ketamine relieves depression in hard-to-treat cases, but its long-term consequences are unknown.


KILLER CAT  No Beast So Fierce tells the story of the “Man-Eater of Champawat,” a tiger that terrorized parts of India and Nepal in the early 1900s (a tiger in India’s Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary is shown).

gamma rays

DOUBLE BUBBLE  Two enormous bubbles sandwich the Milky Way and emit gamma rays (illustrated). Two chimneys that glow in X-rays seem to connect these bubbles to the galaxy’s center, scientists report. 

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