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metal kilogram

HAS-BEEN  For 130 years, this metal cylinder was the definition of a kilogram. Now, it's just another hunk of metal, as scientists have instituted a new definition based on a quantity known as the Planck constant.


CORE STRENGTH  Researchers have decoded the genetic composition of important structures called centromeres (colored green in this illustration) in fruit flies’ chromosomes. Centromeres ensure that chromosomes are properly distributed to dividing cells. 

quarks and gluons

TIED UP  Protons contain smaller particles called quarks and gluons (illustrated). Experimental data hint that quantum entanglement links those particles with one another.


MISERY’S COMPANY Ravens, known for their problem-solving prowess, also act in ways that suggest empathy. New research hints that an ability to share emotions, at least negative ones, may play into their social behavior. 

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