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Archaeorhynchus spathula

MAIN SLAB  Archaeorhynchus spathula was a beaked, feathered bird that lived 120 million years ago. A new fossil discovery suggests it had a respiratory system similar to that of modern birds. 

illustration of an electron

ROLY-POLY  An electron (illustrated) orbits an atom’s nucleus, with a cloud of other hypothetical subatomic particles that could squash the electron’s shape. But so far, measurements show that the electron seems to be almost perfectly round, providing no hint of yet-to-be-found particles.


TWIRLING TERROR States such as Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee are seeing more tornadoes each year than in the past, a study finds.

AI drug chemical structure illustration

DRUG DATA  A new computing system lets pharmaceutical companies pool data to train AI programs for discovering new medications — without having to share confidential information with competitors.

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