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peacock spider

BLACK OUT  Microscopic bumps on male Maratus speciosus peacock spiders (shown) make some of their black patches appear even darker, which may help the arachnids attract a mate.


PICKY EATERS Genetic analysis has revealed that ancestral bedbugs, like their modern relatives, probably preyed upon birds and small mammals, like this bat. In this image, a bedbug comes face-to-face with its prey.

ultraprocessed dinner

NOT HOMEMADE  Participants in a new nutrition study ate more calories when on a diet consisting of ultraprocessed foods, including this meal of precooked steak, canned corn and chocolate milk.

Norwich terrier

DOG BREATH  Some Norwich terriers’ breathing troubles might rest on a mutated gene linked to swelling around airways, researchers suggest. The gene may also contribute to the labored breathing of dogs with flatter snouts, such as French and English bulldogs.  

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