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Buzz Aldrin on the moon

FIRST ON THE MOON  There are two astronauts in this 1969 photo. Buzz Aldrin stands on the moon near the Apollo 11 lunar lander while Neil Armstrong, reflected in Aldrin’s visor, takes the picture.

protein microscopy

TRADE-OFF BROKER  A protein called TCER-1 (green, seen in a  microscope image in the gut and reproductive cells of a worm) helps strike a balance between immunity, fertility and longevity in nematodes. 


SUPERNOVA SURPRISE  The universe’s expansion rate can be measured using stellar explosions called type 1a supernovas (one remnant of such an explosion shown). A new study deepens the quandary about why some supernova measurements disagree with estimates made using light from early in the universe’s history.


PLANTING TIME  There’s room on Earth for a lot more forests, a new study finds. Planting a lot of trees soon could capture carbon and buy time to cope with climate change.

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