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mouse embryo developing

LIGHT THE WAY  A new microscope uses laser light to image growing mammal embryos. Scientists used the instrument to track a mouse embryo (seen in false color) as it developed over two days.

mouse pup

MY TWO DADS  This mouse pup has two biological fathers and no mother. The mouse was produced in a lab from stem cells from two male mice. It did not survive to adulthood.


BEE TOTALITY  During the solar eclipse over the United States in 2017, citizen scientists recorded bee sounds to help researchers find out what the insects do when day suddenly plunges into darkness.

Hubble Space Telescope release from Discovery shuttle

A SPACE TELESCOPE IS BORN  From the start, the Hubble Space Telescope (seen being released from the cargo bay of the space shuttle Discovery on April 25, 1990) has survived many potentially career-ending scares.

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