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T. rex

BITE DOWN  T. rex didn’t have the ability to clamp its jaws to crush bones, like some mammals do today. Instead, it used its powerful bite and strong teeth to pulverize the bones of its prey.

gay couple walking in a field

“GAY GENES” New research has uncovered DNA differences linked to same-sex sexuality in both men and women. Those genetic tweaks don’t predict who is likely to be gay.

Salvator Mundi painting

EYE-OPENER  It’s believed that Leonardo da Vinci used his own likeness in his Salvator Mundi painting (shown). The artist may have had exotropia, a type of eye misalignment that causes one eye to turn slightly outward, a study finds.

tea cup

THE SWEET LIFE  Artificial sweeteners can enhance taste without piling on extra calories, but the sugar substitutes may have some unintended negative effects.

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