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BEHIND GLASS  Science News astronomy reporter Lisa Grossman visits the pristine sample lab at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston in March. The display case holds rocks collected during Apollo 15 and 16. The 1.5-kilogram chunk of volcanic basalt in the center is 3.4 billion years old.

flooding in Miami Beach

UNDER WATER  Seawater inundates a street in Miami Beach on June 27, 2018, at high tide. A new NOAA report suggests that by 2019 the southeastern United States will experience a 190 percent increase in the number of days with high tide floods relative to 2000.

Noctilucent clouds

SHINE ON  Noctilucent clouds that catch sunlight after dark are showing up farther south than usual this year. Scientists are studying the upper atmosphere to figure out why.

praying mantis

LIFE IN 3-D  Colored filters let a praying mantis watch a 3-D video of a moving disk while researchers studied the nerve cells that contribute to the insect’s depth perception.

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