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researcher inside KATRIN

MASSIVE MACHINES  A researcher stands in the cavernous spectrometer of KATRIN, an experiment in Germany to measure the mass of particles called neutrinos.

southern sky

BRAVE NEW WORLDS  The TESS exoplanet telescope’s first science image includes this snapshot of the southern sky, plus three more taken with TESS’s other three cameras. The Large Magellanic Cloud, a small galaxy that orbits the Milky Way, is on the image’s right. The star R Doradus is so bright it left a spike of light streaking across the image.

tau tangles in a nerve cell illustration

TANGLED UP  Senescent brain cells that no longer do their jobs properly may have a hand in creating tangles of tau (illustrated in blue inside a nerve cell) and, ultimately, dementia, a mouse study suggests.

Ceres' Ahuna Mons

NOT ONE OF A KIND  Scientists thought Ahuna Mons (shown in the center of this image constructed from surface maps taken by NASA’s Dawn spacecraft) was the only icy volcano on dwarf planet Ceres. Now it seems it’s just the youngest.

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