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WORDS IMPERFECT   Technology that rapidly presents words one-at-a-time on the screens of smart phones may affect text understanding, a new report indicates.

STAYING APART  Some European hunter-gatherers resisted taking up agriculture and didn’t breed with early farmers, suggests DNA from the skeleton of a young hunter-gatherer woman (shown) and other foragers buried at the Ajvide site on Sweden’s Gotland island.

TAGGED  One of the first two sound-recording tags (small, green device) ever to go for a ride on an Antarctic minke whale stays attached by suction cup for hours. The tag’s recording may have solved a long-standing acoustic mystery.

PAIN, NO GAIN  Pain made female mice less interested in sex but had no such effect on males, a new study finds.

ENTANGLED  Tiny electrical circuits have given physicists unprecedented control over the quantum states of units of information called qubits. The qubits appear as five crosses (center).

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