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divers in a deep reef near Australia

DEEP DIVE  Researchers have found a plethora of shallow water coral species in the deep ocean off Australia’s northeastern coast. Deep ocean reefs might protect corals from severe bleaching and storms.

food shortages in Somalia

DRY LAND  Human-caused climate change was responsible for extremely warm ocean temperatures off the Horn of Africa from March through June 2017. That marine heat wave, researchers say, dramatically increased the likelihood of drought on land, such as the devastating one that led to food shortages in Somalia (shown).

Kilauea lava fissures

LAVA ON THE MOVE  Lava gushed from fissures in Kilauea’s lower east rift zone, as seen in this image from June, at an estimated rate of more than 100 cubic meters per second.


CARBON CAP  Globally, people emitted more carbon dioxide from fossil fuels in 2018 than  ever before.

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