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measles infection

MEMORY WIPE  Measles virus particles bud out from an infected cell (left) after replicating inside the cell in this colored electron micrograph.  

1 year old girl getting MMR vaccine

EASING PARENTS' FEARS  One-year-old Bella Huang shares her displeasure at receiving the MMR vaccine, for measles, mumps and rubella, in Seattle in March. Nobody likes to see their baby in pain, even for a few seconds, and that discomfort makes some parents hesitant about vaccinating their children.


MISERY’S COMPANY Ravens, known for their problem-solving prowess, also act in ways that suggest empathy. New research hints that an ability to share emotions, at least negative ones, may play into their social behavior. 

border station

GLOBAL HOT SPOTS  As shown here in 2018, Colombia set up border stations to vaccinate Venezuelans who were fleeing unrest at home so that measles wouldn’t spread in Colombia. Snapshots of several countries show how stopping spread of the disease depends on local conditions and beliefs. 

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