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  1. Animals

    Tiny saunas help frogs fight off chytrid fungus

    Balmy shelters could bolster resistance to the deadly fungus in amphibian populations, but experts caution they won’t work for all susceptible species.

  2. Health & Medicine

    Bird flu viruses may infect mammary glands more commonly than thought

    H5N1 turning up in cow milk was a big hint. The virus circulating in U.S. cows can infect the mammary glands of mice and ferrets, too.

  3. Agriculture

    50 years ago, scientists ID’d a threat to California wine country

    Fifty years after scientists identified the cause of Pierce's disease, which damages vineyards, there still isn't a cure.

  4. Neuroscience

    ‘Do I Know You?’ explores face blindness and the science of the mind

    In her memoir, journalist Sadie Dingfelder draws on her own experiences to highlight the astonishing diversity of people’s inner lives.

  5. Paleontology

    Stunning trilobite fossils include soft tissues never seen before

    Well-preserved fossils from Morocco help paleontologists understand the weird way trilobites ate and perhaps why these iconic animals went extinct.

  6. Paleontology

    The last woolly mammoths offer new clues to why the species went extinct

    The last population of woolly mammoths did not go extinct 4,000 years ago from inbreeding, a new analysis shows.

  7. Animals

    Beneficial bacteria help these marine worms survive extreme cold

    Three species of marine worms living in Antarctic waters have beneficial relationships with bacteria that produce antifreeze proteins.

  8. Neuroscience

    Pain may take different pathways in men and women

    Sex differences in the function of nerve cells in mice, monkeys and humans suggest a new way to treat pain conditions.

  9. Animals

    Can leeches leap? New video may help answer that debate

    For some, it’s the stuff of nightmares. But a grad student’s serendipitous cell phone video might resolve a long-running debate over leech acrobatics.