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  1. black and white image of a mantis shrimp larva

    Mantis shrimp start practicing their punches at just 9 days old

    The fastest punches in the animal kingdom probably belong to mantis shrimp, who begin unleashing these attacks just over a week after hatching.

  2. a mantis hanging from a leaf

    This praying mantis inflates a strange pheromone gland to lure mates

    Researchers stumbled across a first among mantises: an inflatable organ that spreads pheromones, helping mates find each other in the dark rainforest.

  3. scientists in Estatuas cave

    Neandertal DNA from cave mud shows two waves of migration across Eurasia

    Genetic material left behind in sediments reveals new details about how ancient humans once spread across the continent.

  4. Wildebeest herd

    Only 3 percent of Earth’s land hasn’t been marred by humans

    A sweeping survey of terrestrial ecosystems finds that vanishingly little land houses all the animals it used to. Species reintroductions could help.

  5. illuistration of a pterosaur with opposable thumbs

    ‘Monkeydactyl’ may be the oldest known creature with opposable thumbs

    A newly discovered pterosaur that lived during the Jurassic Period could have used its flexible digits to climb trees like a monkey.

  6. crowd of Japanese commuters wearing masks

    A coronavirus epidemic may have hit East Asia about 25,000 years ago

    An ancient viral outbreak may have left a genetic mark in East Asians that possibly influences their responses to the virus that causes COVID-19.

  7. crowd of people screaming with joy

    Surprisingly, humans recognize joyful screams faster than fearful screams

    Scientists believed we evolved to respond to alarming screams faster than non-alarming ones, but experiments show our brains may be wired differently.

  8. aspen trees burning in a prescribed burn at Fishlake National Forest

    Wildfires launch microbes into the air. How big of a health risk is that?

    How does wildfire smoke move bacteria and fungi — and what harm might they do to people when they get there?

  9. person holding bird with mask caught on its wing

    Discarded COVID-19 PPE such as masks can be deadly to wildlife

    From entanglements to ingestion, two biologists are documenting the impact of single-use masks and gloves on animals around the world.