1. Woman with sweat stain

    ‘The Joy of Sweat’ will help you make peace with perspiration

    Dripping with science and history, a new book by science journalist Sarah Everts seeks to take the stigma off sweat.

  2. A woman with medium blond hair next to a tree
    Science & Society

    An ecologist’s new book gets at the root of trees’ social lives

    In ‘Finding the Mother Tree,’ Suzanne Simard recounts how she discovered hidden networks in forests.

  3. a woman spots a humpback whale tail

    ‘Fathom’ seeks to unravel humpback whales’ soulful songs

    The film ‘Fathom’ on Apple TV+ follows the quest of researchers on the ocean’s surface to decipher the eerie symphony of humpback whale calls below.

  4. 2004 tsunami in Thailand

    A new book uses stories from tsunami survivors to decode deadly waves

    In ‘Tsunami: The World’s Greatest Waves,’ two scientists chronical hundreds of eyewitness accounts to show the human cost of life at the water’s edge.

  5. black and white photo of Katherine Johnson sitting at a desk
    Science & Society

    A new memoir tells the life story of NASA ‘hidden figure’ Katherine Johnson

    "My Remarkable Journey" gives the backstory of NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson, the central character of the 2016 film "Hidden Figures."

  6. Woman looks at fake health news on her phone
    Science & Society

    The book ‘Viral BS’ offers a cure for medical myths and fake health news

    In ‘Viral BS,’ physician and author Seema Yasmin fights misinformation with a dose of storytelling.

  7. a photo of a submersible
    Science & Society

    A new book explores how military funding shaped the science of oceanography

    In ‘Science on a Mission,’ science historian Naomi Oreskes argues that funding from the U.S. Navy both facilitated and stymied marine research.

  8. Series of walking skeletons

    ‘First Steps’ shows how bipedalism led humans down a strange evolutionary path

    In a new book, a paleoanthropologist argues that walking upright has had profound effects on human anatomy and behavior.

  9. a toilet

    ‘Pipe Dreams’ flushes out hope in an unexpected place: the toilet

    A new book shows how reimagined toilets will allow humans to use pee and poop as natural resources.

  10. Jennifer Doudna presenting at an NIH event

    ‘The Code Breaker’ tells the story of CRISPR pioneer Jennifer Doudna

    In his latest book, Walter Isaacson chronicles the discovery of CRISPR and delves into the ethics of gene editing.

  11. microscope image of plant cells

    Two new books investigate why it’s so hard to define life

    For centuries, scientists have struggled to define what it means to be alive. ‘What Is Life?’ and ‘Life’s Edge’ explore the question.

  12. archaeological structures from ancient city of Çatalhöyük

    A tour of ‘Four Lost Cities’ reveals modern ties to ancient people

    In the book 'Four Lost Cities,' author Annalee Newitz uses cities of the past to show what might happen to cities in the future.