More Stories in Physics

  1. physicist Yali Mao working with highly technical physics apparatus
    Quantum Physics

    Quantum physics requires imaginary numbers to explain reality

    Quantum theory based only on real numbers fails to explain the results of two new experiments.

  2. illustration of two blue pulsars emitting yellow beams of radiation

    The only known pulsar duo sheds new light on general relativity and more

    Einstein was right, among other insights gleaned from watching a one-of-a-kind system of two pulsating dead stars for 16 years.

  3. CT scan image of a head and neck where some tissues and veins appear red
    Health & Medicine

    For 50 years, CT scans have saved lives, revealed beauty and more

    In 1971, the first CT scan of a patient laid bare the human brain. That was just the beginning of a whole new way to view human anatomy.

  4. a hand holding a thin green wire at the end of which is a bright light, surrounded by scientific apparatus
    Quantum Physics

    Physicists have coaxed ultracold atoms into an elusive form of quantum matter

    Quantum spin liquids could be used to help protect fragile information in quantum computers.

  5. a dense cloud of atoms, illustrated as blue spheres, with light waves bouncing off them
    Quantum Physics

    Scientists finally detected a quantum effect that blocks atoms from scattering light

    When all available quantum states are full, atoms can’t scatter light, thanks to the Pauli exclusion principle, new experiments show.

  6. glitter

    This eco-friendly glitter gets its color from plants, not plastic

    Using cellulose extracted from wood pulp, researchers have created a greener alternative to traditional glitter.

  7. image of a hand snapping on a yellow backdrop

    New high-speed video reveals the physics of a finger snap

    Inspired by the infamous snap of the Avengers rival Thanos, scientists set out to investigate the physics behind finger snapping.

  8. particle accelerator at the Facility for Rare Isotope Beams
    Particle Physics

    A new particle accelerator aims to unlock secrets of bizarre atomic nuclei

    The Facility for Rare Isotope Beams will help scientists unlock the inner workings of atomic nuclei and explore how elements formed in the cosmos.

  9. computer simulation of jets from the black hole in galaxy M87

    A stunning simulation re-creates how M87’s black hole launches plasma jets

    Two jets, thousands of light-years long, are re-created in a computer simulation, which suggests that M87’s black hole must be spinning rapidly.