More Stories in Physics

  1. entanglement illustration
    Quantum Physics

    Scientists entangled quantum memories linked over long distances

    The entanglement of quantum ‘hard drives’ is a crucial step toward creating a quantum internet.

  2. wok with fried rice

    How to make the best fried rice, according to physics

    Researchers show exactly how rocking and sliding a wok can launch fried rice into the air, letting it cook at a high temperature without burning.

  3. green glow in the night sky - an aurora named the "dunes"

    Here are 5 of the weirdest auroras, including the newly spotted ‘dunes’

    A newfound type of aurora dubbed the “dunes” joins the ranks of black auroras, STEVE and other obscure auroral phenomena.

  4. muon collider tracking device

    A barrier to colliding particles called muons has been smashed

    Future particle accelerators could slam muons together to reach higher energies than any before.

  5. KOTO detector
    Particle Physics

    Misbehaving kaons could hint at the existence of new particles

    Certain extremely rare decays seem to be happening more often than expected, and scientists don’t know why.

  6. Nuclear waste storage beneath Yucca Mountain in Nevada
    Materials Science

    The containers the U.S. plans to use for nuclear waste storage may corrode

    The different components of a nuclear waste storage unit start to corrode each other when wet, new lab experiments show.

  7. nanoparticle

    Scientists cooled a nanoparticle to the quantum limit

    Physicists decreased a nanoparticle’s motion to the lowest level allowed by quantum mechanics.

  8. quantum entanglement illustration

    A quantum strategy could verify the solutions to unsolvable problems — in theory

    A quantum technique for verifying solutions to difficult problems could apply to an “unbelievably huge” class of puzzles.

  9. atoms forming chemical bond illustration

    A dance of two atoms reveals chemical bonds forming and breaking

    Two rhenium atoms approach and retreat from one another in an electron microscope video.