More Stories in Math

  1. Physics

    Here’s how much fruit you can take from a display before it collapses

    About 10 percent of the fruit in a tilted market display can be removed before it all crashes down, computer simulations show.

  2. Math

    Here are some astounding scientific firsts of 2023

    Notable feats include discovering a planet-eating star, extracting RNA from an extinct animal and more.

  3. Math

    ‘Is Math Real?’ asks simple questions to explore math’s deepest truths

    In her latest book, mathematician Eugenia Cheng invites readers to see math as more than just right or wrong answers.

  4. Math

    An enduring Möbius strip mystery has finally been solved

    Playing with paper and scissors helped one mathematician figure out just how short the twisted loops can be.

  5. Math

    Non-Western art and design can reveal alternate ways of thinking about math

    Focusing on the relationship between math and culture can boost student learning and expand mathematical knowledge, researchers say.

  6. Animals

    Seen Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster? Data suggest the odds are low

    Floe Foxon is a data scientist by day. But in his free time, he applies his skills to astronomy, cryptology and sightings of mythical creatures.

  7. Health & Medicine

    A catalog of all human cells reveals a mathematical pattern

    Smaller cells occur in larger numbers in the human body, and cells of different size classes contribute equally to our overall mass.

  8. Math

    Here’s why mathematicians are so interested in cake cutting

    The question of how to fairly divide resources attracts game theorists, computer scientists, economists, legal experts and more.

  9. Math

    How geometry solves architectural problems for bees and wasps

    Adding five - and seven - sided cells in pairs during nest building helps the colonyfit together differently sized hexa gonal cells , a new study shows.