Darren Incorvaia

Darren Incorvaia is a writer and comedian based in Chicago. His writing has also appeared in Scientific American, Discover Magazine, and Reductress. He has a Ph.D. in ecology, evolution, and behavior from Michigan State University. His favorite animal is all of them.

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  1. image of a downy woodpecker (gray body, black and white wings, and a red crest) pecking a tree

    Drumming woodpeckers use similar brain regions as songbirds

    Woodpeckers drum on trees and other objects using brain regions similar to those that songbirds use to sing, suggesting a common evolutionary origin for the complex behaviors.

  2. A queen Harpegnathos saltator ant on a gray backdrop

    A clever molecular trick extends the lives of these ant queens

    Ant queens typically live much longer than their workers by blocking a key part of a molecular pathway implicated in aging, a new study suggests.