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  1. Oceans

    This AI can predict ship-sinking ‘freak’ waves minutes in advance

    The model, which was trained on data from ocean buoys to identify potential rogue waves, could help save lives.

  2. Climate

    Plants might not hold on to carbon as long as we thought

    Radiocarbon from bomb tests reveals that plants store more carbon than previously estimated in leaves and stems, which are vulnerable to degradation.

  3. Environment

    Landfills belch toxic ‘forever chemicals’ into the air

    An analysis of samples from three Florida landfills shows that landfill gas can carry more PFAS than the liquid that leaches from the waste.

  4. Environment

    The world has water problems. This book has solutions

    The Last Drop tackles global water problems and explores how humans can better manage the precious resource.

  5. Environment

    Federally unprotected streams contribute most of the water to U.S. rivers

    A 2023 U.S. Supreme Court ruling that ephemeral streams aren’t protected by the Clean Water Act could have sizable ripple effects, a study suggests.

  6. Climate

    Why this year’s climate conditions helped Hurricane Beryl smash records

    Scientists predicted an active hurricane season, but a July Category 5 storm is still stunning.

  7. Climate

    How powdered rock could help slow climate change

    A method called enhanced rock weathering shows promise at capturing carbon dioxide from the air. But verifying the carbon removal is a challenge.

  8. Agriculture

    50 years ago, scientists ID’d a threat to California wine country

    Fifty years after scientists identified the cause of Pierce's disease, which damages vineyards, there still isn't a cure.

  9. Earth

    An ancient earthquake changed the course of the Ganges River

    Flooding from a similar earthquake today could threaten about 170 million people in India and Bangladesh who live in low-lying regions nearby.