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  1. Climate

    As the Arctic tundra warms, soil microbes likely will ramp up CO2 production

    Experiments in mini greenhouses show how the tiny organisms lurking underground in a "sleepy biome" could be a contributor to climate change.

  2. Environment

    A new approach to fighting wildfires combines local knowledge and AI

    Land managers in the western United States are using potential operational delineations, or PODS, to prepare for — and take advantage of — wildfires.

  3. Climate

    A ruinous hailstorm in Spain may have been supercharged by warming seas

    Giant hail that pummeled northeast Spain in August 2022 could not have formed without climate change, computer simulations suggest.

  4. Climate

    Three reasons why the ocean’s record-breaking hot streak is devastating

    Ocean warming enhances hurricane activity, bleaches coral reefs and melts Antarctic sea ice. That warming has been off the charts for the past year.

  5. Climate

    Will stashing more CO2 in the ocean help slow climate change?

    Research is needed on how ocean carbon removal methods — such as iron fertilization and direct capture — could impact the environment.

  6. Climate

    A rapid shift in ocean currents could imperil the world’s largest ice shelf

    Roughly the size of Spain, the Ross Ice Shelf stabilizes major glaciers along Antarctica’s coast — and is at risk of retreating, a new study finds.

  7. Health & Medicine

    A new U.S. tool maps where heat will be dangerous for your health

    The daily updated HeatRisk map uses color coding to show where the health threat from heat is highest and offers tips on how to stay safe.

  8. Earth

    Polar forests may have just solved a solar storm mystery

    Spikes of carbon-14 in tree rings may be linked to solar flares, but evidence of the havoc-wreaking 1859 Carrington event has proven elusive until now.

  9. Environment

    Heat waves cause more illness and death in U.S. cities with fewer trees

    There are usually fewer trees in neighborhoods with higher populations of people of color. Planting trees could save hundreds of lives every year.