More Stories in Space

  1. a group of mice that were exposed to space radiation

    Mouse sperm thrived despite six years of exposure to space radiation

    A space station experiment suggests future deep-space explorers don’t need to worry about passing the effects of space radiation on to their children.

  2. Sloan Digital Sky Survey telescope

    An arc of galaxies 3 billion light-years long may challenge cosmology

    Dubbed “the Giant Arc,” the purported structure is much larger than expected in a cosmos where matter is thought to be evenly distributed.

  3. night sky with green glow

    Auroras form when electrons from space ride waves in Earth’s magnetic field

    New lab results confirm that auroras are triggered by disturbances in Earth’s magnetic field called Alfvén waves.

  4. NASA's orbiter VERITAS
    Planetary Science

    NASA will be heading back to Venus for the first time in decades

    Two newly selected missions, VERITAS and DAVINCI+, will explore the history of the planet's water and habitability.

  5. illustration of a tardigrade

    Even hard-to-kill tardigrades can’t always survive being shot out of a gun

    A recent experiment put tardigrades’ indestructibility to the test by firing the critters at speeds up to 1,000 meters per second.

  6. side-by-side comparison of images of a galaxy

    Some fast radio bursts come from the spiral arms of other galaxies

    Tracking five brief, bright blasts of cosmic radio waves to their origins suggests their sources form quickly in regions with lots of star formation.

  7. image of Jupiter
    Planetary Science

    Laser experiments suggest helium rain falls on Jupiter

    Compressing a hydrogen and helium mixture with lasers shows that the two elements separate at pressures found within gas giant planets.

  8. black and white photo of Katherine Johnson sitting at a desk
    Science & Society

    A new memoir tells the life story of NASA ‘hidden figure’ Katherine Johnson

    "My Remarkable Journey" gives the backstory of NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson, the central character of the 2016 film "Hidden Figures."

  9. LHAASO observatory

    Record-breaking light has more than a quadrillion electron volts of energy

    Hundreds of newly detected gamma rays hint at cosmic environments that accelerate particles to extremes.