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  1. Space

    Human spaceflight’s new era is fraught with medical and ethical questions

    A new project called the Space Omics and Medical Atlas aims to study and document astronaut health as commercial spaceflight starts to take off.

  2. Space

    NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope could help solve these 5 exoplanet puzzles

    A lot of people are focused on signs of alien life, but the space telescope will have a lot to say about exoplanet geology and formation.

  3. Space

    China’s Chang’e-6 snagged the first samples from the farside of the moon

    The samples, which will be returned to Earth in late June, could help researchers figure out why the moon’s two sides are so starkly different.

  4. Space

    The sun is entering solar maximum. Expect auroras, and more

    May saw the strongest auroras in recent memory. As the sun gets more active, those light shows may be a preview of what’s to come until at least 2026.

  5. Space

    Here’s how predictions of the sun’s corona during the 2024 eclipse fared

    Models from Predictive Science Inc. forecasted the appearance of the sun’s corona during the April eclipse to better understand our star.

  6. Planetary Science

    Venus might be as volcanically active as Earth

    Data from NASA’s Magellan spacecraft suggest that volcanic activity is widespread on Venus.

  7. Space

    Forget moon walking. Scientists want to give moon running a try 

    Researchers took over an amusement park attraction to test out an idea for how astronauts might exercise on the moon.

  8. Cosmology

    The universe may have a complex geometry — like a doughnut

    Physicists haven’t yet ruled out the possibility that the universe has a complicated topology in which space loops back around on itself.

  9. Earth

    A weaker magnetic field may have paved the way for marine life to go big

    Decreased protection from cosmic radiation may have increased oxygen levels in the atmosphere and oceans, allowing animals to grow larger.