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Science is not just a story about discoveries; it’s also a story about people. Their passions, preferences, insights and determination shape scientific progress.

Some win awards for their work — Nobels, Lasker Awards, the Breakthrough Prize. But even among the prizewinners, very few receive widespread public acclaim. Scientific celebrity is rare. More often, scientists toil away, recognized by their peers but not many others. And in too many cases, the names of those who made important contributions are dropped from the discoveries they made possible.

This collection highlights scientists who deserve to be better known — some of them went unrecognized at the time of their work, while others have been forgotten by the passage of time. There’s a focus on people who have accomplished great things despite the barriers of sexism and racism. But we’ve also included amateur and citizen scientists who have contributed new ideas and essential data, researchers who take on the seemingly thankless task of communicating science in an age of disinformation, and those who are pushing to make science more inclusive. This collection will grow with time — there are many more stories to tell.


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