Betsy Mason

 Betsy Mason is a freelance science journalist based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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  1. greater prairie chicken

    In the animal kingdom, what does it mean to be promiscuous?

    A review of hundreds of scientific studies finds that the label “promiscuous” is applied to a surprisingly wide range of mating behaviors in animals.

  2. Resident Evil 7 screen capture

    Virtual reality has a motion sickness problem

    Virtual reality games and experiences can make some people sick, and women are more susceptible.

  3. woman wearing virtual reality headset
    Science & Society

    Virtual reality raises real risk of motion sickness

    New research confirms anecdotal reports that virtual reality headsets can cause motion sickness, and may affect women more than men.

  4. Archaeology

    Muons Meet the Maya

    Physicists are exploring the use of muons generated by cosmic rays to explore Mayan archaeological sites and to probe the interiors of volcanoes and shipping containers.