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  1. vaping
    Health & Medicine

    1 in 4 U.S. high school seniors has vaped recently — up 4.5 percent from 2018

    A 2019 survey finds the number of high school and middle school students who report using e-cigarettes recently continues to grow.

  2. KATRIN experiment

    A new experiment slashes the maximum possible mass of tiny neutrinos

    The KATRIN experiment suggests that the tiny subatomic particles have masses a minuscule fraction of an electron’s.

  3. ice core drilling

    Expanding ice slabs are increasing Greenland’s contribution to sea level rise

    Since 2001, melting and refreezing have created vast ice layers near the surface that could drastically amp up meltwater runoff and sea level rise.

  4. babies

    Babies born by C-section have more potentially infectious bacteria in their guts

    Microbial mixes in babies’ guts differ depending on birth method.

  5. hand sanitizer
    Health & Medicine

    Mucus prevents hand sanitizers from quickly killing the flu

    Flu viruses can hold out for minutes against ethanol when encased in wet mucus.

  6. Julián Alvarado Gómez

    How an astrophysicist chased a star from the Halo games to real life

    Julián Alvarado Gómez has devoted his career to a star called Iota Horologii. His former life as a Halo video gamer helps fuel that devotion.

  7. ultrasound baby
    Health & Medicine

    Air pollution can reach the placenta around a developing baby

    A small study of women living in Belgium found soot embedded in their placental tissue.

  8. black hole illustration

    The Milky Way’s supermassive black hole reached record brightness this year

    The big black hole at the center of the galaxy recently flared twice as bright as ever seen before in near-infrared wavelengths.

  9. map of Magellan's route
    Science & Society

    How circling the globe has evolved in the 500 years since Magellan’s famous trip

    Humankind has found new and improved ways to circle the globe in the five centuries since Magellan set sail.

  10. graphs

    A new book shows how not to fall for dubious statistics

    Skipped statistics in school and wonder what you missed? David Spiegelhalter’s ‘The Art of Statistics’ has got you covered.

  11. black hole rings

    Gravitational waves from a ringing black hole support the no-hair theorem

    A new study of gravitational waves from merging black holes agrees with the predictions of the general theory of relativity.

  12. coral reef environment

    Climate change may be throwing coral sex out of sync

    Several widespread corals in the Red Sea are flubbing cues to spawn en masse.