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  1. Hurricane Isaias

    Predictions for the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season just got worse

    Wind patterns and abnormally warm seawater are conspiring to create especially hurricane-friendly conditions in the Atlantic.

  2. ice cube

    A new experiment hints at how hot water can freeze faster than cold

    A study of tiny glass beads suggests that the Mpemba effect is real.

  3. Brooklyn-Queens Expressway

    Emissions dropped during the COVID-19 pandemic. The climate impact won’t last

    New estimates suggest coronavirus shutdowns cut global carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels by nearly 30 percent, on average.

  4. Interferon
    Health & Medicine

    Rogue immune system reactions hint at an early treatment for COVID-19

    A comprehensive look at the immune system shows multiple ways it misfires in COVID-19. Treating with interferon early might prevent trouble later.

  5. Photos of the four largest moons of Jupiter
    Planetary Science

    Jupiter’s moons could keep each other warm by raising tidal waves

    Along with gravity from the enormous planet, tidal forces between Jupiter’s moons could generate a surprising amount of heat.

  6. atomic bomb explosion at Hiroshima

    How understanding nature made the atomic bomb inevitable

    On the anniversary of Hiroshima, here’s a look back at the chain reaction of basic discoveries that led to nuclear weapons.

  7. Jupiter clouds

    ‘Exotic’ lightning crackles across Jupiter’s cloud tops

    Newly spotted lightning, which could form thanks to ammonia antifreeze, is weaker but more frequent than any flashes seen on Jupiter before.

  8. tuatara

    How tuatara live so long and can withstand cool weather

    Tuatara may look like your average lizard, but they’re not. Now, researchers have deciphered the rare reptiles’ genome, or genetic instruction book.

  9. Protest at Mauna Kea in 2019

    50 years ago, Mauna Kea opened for astronomy. Controversy continues

    Current plans to build a new telescope on the volcano sparked the latest conflict.

  10. emperor penguins

    Penguin poop spotted from space ups the tally of emperor penguin colonies

    High-res satellite images reveal eight new breeding sites for the world’s largest penguins on Antarctica, including the first reported ones offshore.

  11. Teacher reads to children
    Health & Medicine

    Five big questions about when and how to open schools amid COVID-19

    Researchers weigh in on how to get children back into classrooms in a low-risk way.

  12. illustration of the Big Rip

    ‘The End of Everything’ explores the ways the universe could perish

    As Katie Mack explains in The End of Everything, the universe’s demise could be disastrously violent or deadly calm.