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  1. Health & Medicine

    Bird flu can infect cats. What does that mean for their people?

    Pet owners can take precautions to avoid H5N1, such as keeping cats indoors and making sure they don’t eat raw meat or milk.

  2. Life

    The largest known genome belongs to a tiny fern

    Though 'Tmesipteris oblanceolata' is just 15 centimeters long, its genome dwarfs humans’ by more than 50 times.

  3. Life

    It’s a big year for cicadas. Here’s what to know about this year’s emergence

    Periodical cicadas are an odd marvel of nature. This year, the biggest brood of all is coming out in the U.S. South while another emerges in the Midwest.

  4. Climate

    Warm water is sneaking underneath the Thwaites Glacier — and rapidly melting it

    The salty water, just 3.6 degrees Celsius above the ice’s melting point, is undermining the foundation of the Antarctic glacier.

  5. Animals

    A built-in pocket protector keeps sawfish from ‘sword fighting’ in the womb

    What’s to prevent pups, with a snout that resembles a hedge trimmer, from slicing and dicing each other in mom’s uterus? Scientists have the answer.

  6. Particle Physics

    Scientists propose a hunt for never-before-seen ‘tauonium’ atoms 

    Made of heavy relatives of the electron, the exotic atoms could be used to test the theory of quantum electrodynamics.

  7. Health & Medicine

    Privacy remains an issue with several women’s health apps

    Inconsistent privacy policies and dodgy data collection in popular fertility and pregnancy tracking apps put women’s health information at risk.

  8. Space

    Here’s how predictions of the sun’s corona during the 2024 eclipse fared

    Models from Predictive Science Inc. forecasted the appearance of the sun’s corona during the April eclipse to better understand our star.

  9. Health & Medicine

    Malnutrition’s effects on the body don’t end when food arrives

    Children may struggle with inflammation, a weakened immune system and gut problems. New treatments may repair some damage.

  10. Planetary Science

    Venus might be as volcanically active as Earth

    Data from NASA’s Magellan spacecraft suggest that volcanic activity is widespread on Venus.

  11. Space

    Forget moon walking. Scientists want to give moon running a try 

    Researchers took over an amusement park attraction to test out an idea for how astronauts might exercise on the moon.

  12. Artificial Intelligence

    Reinforcement learning AI might bring humanoid robots to the real world

    Reinforcement learning techniques could be the keys to integrating robots — who use machine learning to output more than words — into the real world.