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  1. Readers ask about the moon’s slow escape from Earth and more

  2. Blue jet lightning

    These are the most-read Science News stories of 2021

    Science News drew over 21 million visitors to our website this year. Here’s a rundown of the most-read news stories and long reads of 2021.

  3. aerial image of the excavation at Oaklawn cemetery in Tulsa
    Science & Society

    How some of 2021’s major science stories evolved over time

    Tulsa massacre analysis and a genetically modified mosquito release are two important updates to 2021 stories.

  4. illustration of a person climbing a mountain with vaccine syringes as poles
    Health & Medicine

    In 2021, COVID-19 vaccines were put to the test. Here’s what we learned

    Vaccines can’t single-handedly end the pandemic, but they are still essential in the fight against the coronavirus.

  5. collage of covers of 10 books
    Science & Society

    These are Science News’ favorite books of 2021

    Our favorite books covered the Big Bang theory, human evolution, gene editing, how to define life, pseudoscience and more.

  6. Readers ask about the James Webb Space Telescope and cosmic cannibalism

  7. Readers react to surfing protons, the origins of humans and more

  8. Readers weigh in on nuclear fusion, paths to the good life and more

  9. illustration of a female scientist working in a lab surrounded by calendar sheets with the names of different months
    Science & Society

    How our SN 10 scientists have responded to tumultuous times

    COVID-19, social justice movements and the realities of climate change have given our Scientists to Watch new perspective.

  10. Readers discuss Pluto’s planetary status, balding black holes and more

  11. Readers discuss ‘uniquely human’ DNA and Mars’ volcanic activity

  12. Readers discuss corn debris biofuel, the color of ancient Mars’ oceans and more