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  1. We revisit last year’s COVID-19 questions, readers weigh in on tuataras and more

  2. Readers weigh in on brain technology, black holes and more

  3. image of a Sars-CoV-2 particle
    Health & Medicine

    A year ago, we asked 6 questions about COVID-19. Here’s how the answers evolved

    A year after launching our Coronavirus Update newsletter, we revisit the first topics we wrote about.

  4. Readers react to cosmic smashups and tricky spacecraft landings

  5. Readers react to the history of plate tectonics, pandas rolling in poop and more

  6. Readers ask about shrinking toads, defining distance in an expanding universe and more

  7. Readers ask about malaria parasites, searching for alien intelligence and more

  8. Readers ask about Cuvier’s beaked whales, microbes in the atmosphere and more

  9. coronavirus computer generated image
    Science & Society

    The science stories that defined 2020: coronavirus, diversity movements and more

    While this year was all about the coronavirus pandemic, climate change effects continued, diversity movements were born and research carried on.

  10. Deja Perkins standing in a park and holding a pair of binoculars
    Science & Society

    Meet 5 Black researchers fighting for diversity and equity in science

    Here are a few of the people out to improve the professional lives of Black researchers.

  11. 2020 favorite books covers
    Science & Society

    Our favorite books of 2020 covered climate change, Mars, the end of the universe and more

    In a year when the coronavirus pandemic dominated the news, these books were a welcomed distraction.

  12. The front of the cruise ship the Diamond Princess
    Science & Society

    This COVID-19 pandemic timeline shows how fast the coronavirus took over our lives

    Look back on how the coronavirus pandemic took over 2020 and how efforts to fight back evolved.