Maria Temming

Maria Temming

Assistant Editor, Science News for Students

Previously the staff writer for physical sciences at Science News, Maria Temming is the assistant editor at Science News for Students. She has undergraduate degrees in physics and English from Elon University and a master's degree in science writing from MIT. She has written for Scientific AmericanSky & Telescope and NOVA Next. She’s also a former Science News intern.

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  1. illustration of the space rock Kamoʻoalewa drifting above the moon, with Earth in view in the distance

    A space rock called Kamoʻoalewa may be a piece of the moon

    New observations reveal the possible origins of a mysterious object called Kamoʻoalewa. It could be the wreckage from an ancient impact on the moon.

  2. glitter

    This eco-friendly glitter gets its color from plants, not plastic

    Using cellulose extracted from wood pulp, researchers have created a greener alternative to traditional glitter.

  3. illustration of the proposed HabEx space telescope

    Here’s what the next 10 years of space science could look like

    In the latest Astronomy and Astrophysics Decadal Survey, astronomers have their sights set on a whole fleet of next-generation space telescopes.

  4. images of butterflies created with transparent ink
    Materials Science

    These colorful butterflies were created using transparent ink

    See-through printer ink can create a whole spectrum of colors when printed in precise, microscale patterns.

  5. a cow enters a bathroom stall

    Potty-trained cattle could help reduce pollution

    About a dozen calves have been trained to pee in a stall. Toilet training cows on a large scale could cut down on pollution, researchers say.

  6. a photo of Charon behind Pluto
    Planetary Science

    50 years ago, astronomers were chipping away at Pluto’s mass

    Prior to the discovery of Pluto’s moon Charon, astronomers struggled to pin down the dwarf planet’s mass.

  7. people hold posters and flags in support of transgender people
    Science & Society

    Gender-affirming care improves mental health for transgender youth

    Several state legislatures have taken steps to restrict access to gender-affirming health care for transgender adolescents. That goes against medical guidelines.

  8. Astronomer Vera Rubin at Lowell Observatory in 1965

    Vera Rubin’s work on dark matter led to a paradigm shift in cosmology

    ‘Bright Galaxies, Dark Matter, and Beyond’ tells the story of how astronomer Vera Rubin provided key evidence for the existence of dark matter.

  9. satellite image of Santorini

    Greece’s Santorini volcano erupts more often when sea level drops

    During past periods of lower sea levels, when more of Earth’s water was locked up in glaciers during ice ages, the Santorini volcano erupted more.

  10. illustration of a massive star collapsing and emitting gamma rays

    A super-short gamma-ray burst defies astronomers’ expectations

    A faraway eruption of gamma rays that lasted for only a second had a surprising origin: the implosion of a massive star.

  11. star PDS 70 surrounded by dusty ring of debris, with bright dot inside ring that may be a moon forming

    The tiny dot in this image may be the first look at exomoons in the making

    New ALMA observations offer some of the strongest evidence yet that planets around other stars have moons.

  12. image of Centaurus A galaxy

    The latest picture of a black hole captures Centaurus A’s massive jets

    Data from the Event Horizon Telescope reveal new details of jets spewing from the supermassive black hole at the center of the galaxy Centaurus A.