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Saugat Bolakhe

Science Writing Intern, Spring 2024

Saugat Bolakhe is a spring 2024 intern for Science News. He earned his undergraduate degree in zoology from Tribhuvan University in Nepal and a graduate degree in health and science journalism from the Craig Newmark Graduate School at CUNY.

All Stories by Saugat Bolakhe

  1. Paleontology

    How did an ancient shark parasite end up fossilized in tree resin?

    A worm preserved in 99-million-year-old amber resembles modern flatworms in shark intestines. The rare finding has scientists stumped.

  2. Animals

    This newfound longhorn beetle species is unusually fluffy

    Discovered in Australia, the beetle is covered in whitish hairs and has distinctive eye lobes, antennae and leg shapes.

  3. Animals

    In a first, these crab spiders appear to collaborate, creating camouflage

    Scientists found a pair of mating crab spiders blending in with a flower. The report may be the first known case of cooperative camouflage in spiders.

  4. Space

    How a sugar acid crucial for life could have formed in interstellar clouds

    Computer calculations and lab experiments have revealed a possible mechanism for the creation of glyceric acid, which has been seen in meteorites.

  5. Neuroscience

    Here’s how magnetic fields shape desert ants’ brains

    Exposure to a tweaked magnetic field scrambled desert ants’ efforts to learn where home is — and affected neuron connections in a key part of the brain.

  6. Health & Medicine

    The U.S. now has a drug for severe frostbite. How does it work?

    Iloprost has been shown to prevent the need to amputate frozen fingers and toes. It’s now approved for use to treat severe frostbite in the U.S.

  7. Environment

    How air pollution may make it harder for pollinators to find flowers

    Certain air pollutants that build up at night can break down the same fragrance molecules that attract pollinators like hawk moths to primroses.

  8. Animals

    Does this drone image show a newborn white shark? Experts aren’t sure

    If a claim of the first-ever sighting of a newborn white shark holds, it could help solve a mystery of where adult white sharks give birth.