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    Flint grapples with the mental health fallout from the water disaster

    The water crisis started almost a decade ago. Residents of Flint, Mich., are still healing from the disaster — and caring for their own.

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    The weight loss drug Wegovy lowered heart attack risk in a large trial

    Among 17,000 adults, those on semaglutide were less likely to experience nonfatal heart attacks and strokes or death due to cardiovascular disease.

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    Why Huntington’s disease may take so long to develop

    Repeated bits of the disease-causing gene pile up in some brain cells. New treatments could involve stopping the additions.

  4. Microbes

    Evolutionary virologist Daniel Blanco-Melo seeks out ancient pathogens

    Daniel Blanco-Melo has reconstructed two viral strains brought to the Americas with European colonizers in the 16th century.

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    The CDC is expanding its disease surveillance of international travelers

    Passengers at four major U.S. airports will now be tested for over 30 pathogens through a mix of wastewater testing and voluntary nasal swabs.

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    Brain tissue may be fuel for marathon runners

    Myelin, fatty tissue that insulates nerve cells in the brain, may be a renewable energy source for marathon runners and other endurance athletes.

  7. Genetics

    Most of today’s gene therapies rely on viruses — and that’s a problem

    The next big strides in gene therapy for rare diseases may come from CRISPR and new approaches to delivery.

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    Blocking an aging-related enzyme may restore muscle strength

    Treating old mice with a drug that inhibits a “gerozyme” restored muscle strength, which can diminish with aging.

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    Newly identified stem cells can lure breast cancer to the spine

    A new type of stem cell discovered in mice and humans might explain why cancer that spreads to other body parts preferentially targets the spine.