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    Bird flu has infected a person after spreading to cows. Here’s what to know

    H5N1 has wreaked havoc on birds around the globe and occasionally made the jump to mammals, including cows. The risk to people remains low.

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    A new study has linked microplastics to heart attacks and strokes. Here’s what we know 

    Patients with microplastics in their arteries were 4.5 times more likely to have a heart attack, stroke or die within the next three years.

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    How patient-led research could speed up medical innovation

    People with long COVID, ME/CFS and other chronic conditions are taking up science to find symptom relief and inspire new directions for professional scientists.

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    Here’s what distorted faces can look like to people with prosopometamorphopsia

    A patient with an unusual variation of the condition helped researchers visualize the demonic distortions he sees when looking at human faces.

  5. Humans

    These are the chemicals that give teens pungent body odor

    Steroids and high levels of carboxylic acids in teenagers’ body odor give off a mix of pleasant and acrid scents.

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    Long COVID brain fog may be due to damaged blood vessels in the brain

    MRI scans of long COVID patients with brain fog suggest that the blood brain barrier may be leaky.

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    Don’t use unsterilized tap water to rinse your sinuses. It may carry brain-eating amoebas

    Two new studies document rare cases in which people who rinsed sinuses with unsterilized tap got infected with brain-eating amoebas.

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    The U.S. now has a drug for severe frostbite. How does it work?

    Iloprost has been shown to prevent the need to amputate frozen fingers and toes. It’s now approved for use to treat severe frostbite in the U.S.

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    Four years on, the COVID-19 pandemic has a long tail of grief

    Researchers are studying the magnitude and impact that grief from the COVID-19 pandemic has had and will have for years to come.

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    The blood holds clues to understanding long COVID

    A growing cadre of labs are sketching out some of the molecular and cellular characters at play in long COVID, a once-seemingly inscrutable disease.

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    Here’s why pain might last after persistent urinary tract infections

    Experiments in mice reveal that the immune response to a UTI spurs nerve growth in the bladder and lowers the pain threshold.

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    More than 1 billion people worldwide are now estimated to have obesity

    A new analysis suggests that the prevalence of obesity has doubled in women, tripled in men and quadrupled in children and adolescents from 1990 to 2022.