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  1. Health & Medicine

    Privacy remains an issue with several women’s health apps

    Inconsistent privacy policies and dodgy data collection in popular fertility and pregnancy tracking apps put women’s health information at risk.

  2. Artificial Intelligence

    Should we use AI to resurrect digital ‘ghosts’ of the dead?

    Technology that creates deepfake bots of dead loved ones may need safeguards, experts warn.

  3. Earth

    A hidden danger lurks beneath Yellowstone

    A volcanic eruption at Yellowstone is unlikely anytime soon, but evidence is growing that a violent hydrothermal, or steam, explosion is possible.

  4. Psychology

    Online spaces may intensify teens’ uncertainty in social interactions

    Little is known of how teens learn about emotions online and then use that knowledge to cope with social uncertainty during in-person encounters.

  5. Animals

    Want to see butterflies in your backyard? Try doing less yardwork

    Growing out patches of grass can lure adult butterflies and moths with nectar and offer lawn mower–free havens for toddler caterpillars.

  6. Animals

    Ximena Velez-Liendo is saving Andean bears with honey

    By training beekeepers, biologist Ximena Velez-Liendo is helping rural agricultural communities of southern Bolivia coexist with Andean bears.

  7. Chemistry

    ‘Flavorama’ guides readers through the complex landscape of flavor

    In her new book, Arielle Johnson, former resident scientist at the restaurant Noma, explains how to think like a scientist in the kitchen.

  8. Humans

    Rain Bosworth studies how deaf children experience the world

    Deaf experimental psychologist Rain Bosworth has found that babies are primed to learn sign language just like spoken language.

  9. Physics

    Separating science fact from fiction in Netflix’s ‘3 Body Problem’ 

    Real science underpins much of the action in the show — along with a hefty dose of artistic liberty.