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  1. children playing soccer in Iraq
    Science & Society

    Interfaith soccer teams eased Muslim-Christian tensions — to a point

    Soccer bonded Christian and Muslim teammates in Iraq, but that camaraderie didn’t change attitudes.

  2. Painting of Galileo's trial
    Science & Society

    A new Galileo biography draws parallels to today’s science denialism

    ‘Galileo and the Science Deniers’ delivers a fresh assessment of the life of a scientific legend and offers lessons for today.

  3. patient on life support

    New guidance on brain death could ease debate over when life ends

    Brain death can be a tricky concept. Clarity from an international group of doctors may help identify when the brain has stopped working for good.

  4. atomic bomb explosion at Hiroshima

    How understanding nature made the atomic bomb inevitable

    On the anniversary of Hiroshima, here’s a look back at the chain reaction of basic discoveries that led to nuclear weapons.

  5. Protest at Mauna Kea in 2019

    50 years ago, Mauna Kea opened for astronomy. Controversy continues

    Current plans to build a new telescope on the volcano sparked the latest conflict.

  6. Teacher reads to children
    Health & Medicine

    Five big questions about when and how to open schools amid COVID-19

    Researchers weigh in on how to get children back into classrooms in a low-risk way.

  7. bumblebee

    Wild bees add about $1.5 billion to yields for just six U.S. crops

    Native bees help pollinate blueberries, cherries and other crops on commercial farms.

  8. Langsdorffia hypogea male and female

    This parasitic plant consists of just flashy flowers and creepy suckers

    With only four known species, Langsdorffia are thieves stripped down to their essentials.

  9. Wolf in Yellowstone National Park

    How Yellowstone wolves got their own page

    Since the wolves’ reintroduction to the park, 25 years of devoted watching has chronicled bold moves, big fights and lots of puppies.

  10. Student looking into a microscope
    Science & Society

    College biology textbooks still portray a world of white scientists

    Despite recent efforts to include more women and people of color, it will be decades — or even centuries — before textbooks reflect student diversity.

  11. Joey Chestnut eating hot dogs at the 2019 Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest

    Competitive hot dog eaters may be nearing humans’ max eating speed

    Just how many hot dogs can one human eat in 10 minutes? New research suggests the answer is 83.

  12. George Floyd protest in NYC
    Science & Society

    There’s little evidence showing which police reforms work

    When stories of police violence against civilians capture public attention, reforms follow despite a dearth of hard data quantifying their impact.