Erin Wayman

Erin Wayman

Managing Editor, Magazine

Erin Wayman became Science News’ production editor in 2013 after a year of reporting on earth and environmental sciences for the magazine. A former primatologist-in-training, Erin decided to leave monkey-watching behind after a close run-in with angry peccaries in Ecuador. Once she completed her master’s degree in biological anthropology at the University of California, Davis, she switched careers and earned a master’s in science writing at Johns Hopkins University. Erin was previously an associate editor at EARTH and an assistant editor at Smithsonian magazine, where she blogged about human evolution. Her work has also appeared in New Scientist, Slate, ScienceNOW and Current Anthropology.

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  1. skulls and other fossils in drawers

    Fossils and ancient DNA paint a vibrant picture of human origins

    Paleoanthropologists have sketched a rough timeline of how human evolution played out, centering the early action in Africa.

  2. Debate over Pluto’s planet status still carries on

    Managing editor Erin Wayman discusses the challenges of classification in science, from Pluto's planet status to the definition of life.

  3. Pinwheel galaxy

    An astrophysicist honors citizen scientists in the age of big data

    In ‘The Crowd and the Cosmos,’ an astrophysicist gives due to citizen scientists and says they will continue to have a future in discovery.

  4. Jane Goodall
    Science & Society

    A new exhibit invites you to step into Jane Goodall’s life

    “Becoming Jane” celebrates Jane Goodall’s life and pioneering chimpanzee research.

  5. Mars 2020 rover
    Science & Society

    What’s ahead for science in 2020? Here’s what we’re watching

    Science News writers are awaiting new Mars missions, a new search for dark matter, results from a male birth control pill study and more.

  6. satellite image

    Satellites are transforming how archaeologists study the past

    In ‘Archaeology from Space,’ Sarah Parcak takes readers on a lively tour of the past, and archaeology of the 21st century.

  7. Ecosystems

    Moonlight shapes how some animals move, grow and even sing

    The moon’s light influences lion prey behavior, dung beetle navigation, fish growth, mass migrations and birdsong.

  8. Chimps screaming

    ‘Mama’s Last Hug’ showcases the emotional lives of animals

    In ‘Mama’s Last Hug,’ Frans de Waal argues that emotions occur throughout the animal world.

  9. Goanna

    ‘End of the Megafauna’ examines why so many giant Ice Age animals went extinct

    ‘End of the Megafauna’ ponders the mystery of what killed off so many of Earth’s big animals over the last 50,000 years.

  10. Honduran valley

    Real-life adventure tale details search for legendary city

    "The Lost City of the Monkey God" recounts archaeological expedition to uncover truth behind Honduras’ “White City" myth.

  11. primates

    Picture of primate common ancestor coming into focus

    A new family tree analysis predicts behavior of primate common ancestor.

  12. Earth’s atmosphere

    ‘Voyage of Time’ is Terrence Malick’s ode to life

    With “Voyage of Time,” director Terrence Malick brings the history of the universe — and the evolution of life on Earth — to the big screen.