More Stories in Astronomy

  1. Space

    A new image reveals magnetic fields around our galaxy’s central black hole

    Astronomers have captured polarized light coming from the Milky Way’s central supermassive black hole, giving insight into its magnetic fields.

  2. Space

    Did the James Webb telescope ‘break the universe’? Maybe not

    There’s no need for strange new physics to explain anomalously bright, massive galaxies seen by JWST, Hubble data suggest.

  3. Astronomy

    JWST spies hints of a neutron star left behind by supernova 1987A

    Signs of highly ionized atoms in dusty clouds at SN 1987A’s explosion site suggest a powerful source of X-rays — likely a neutron star — lurks within.

  4. Space

    How to build an internet on Mars

    Future Red Planet inhabitants will need new ways to connect, including improved relay networks and an offshoot internet.

  5. Space

    Astronomers have snapped a new photo of the black hole in galaxy M87

    The Event Horizon Telescope image shows material around the black hole has moved, but other aspects remain the same, proving Einstein is right again.

  6. Astronomy

    Astronomers are puzzled over an enigmatic companion to a pulsar

    The strange entity has a mass between that of a neutron star and a black hole. It’s either one or the other or something else entirely.

  7. Space

    The strongest known fast radio burst has been traced to a 7-galaxy pileup

    The galactic smashup, located 11 billion light-years from Earth, could have triggered star formation and also odd flares like the fast radio burst.

  8. Planetary Science

    Salt may have carved out Mercury’s terrains, including glacierlike features

    Mercury may contain a planetwide cache of salt that has sculpted chaotic terrain and possibly even habitable niches.

  9. Space

    In 2023, space missions explored the moon, asteroids and more

    This year, spacecraft landed on the moon, dropped off asteroid samples to Earth and started a journey to Jupiter's icy moons.