More Stories in Humans

  1. Marguerite Vogt in a lab at the Salk Institute
    Health & Medicine

    By taking on poliovirus, Marguerite Vogt transformed the study of all viruses

    She pioneered the field of molecular virology with her meticulous lab work and “green thumb” for tissue culture.

  2. an ancient hide scraping tool shown at three different angles

    Stone Age people used bone scrapers to make leather and pelts

    African cave finds include remains of skinned creatures and hide scrapers made from animal ribs.

  3. skulls and other fossils in drawers

    Fossils and ancient DNA paint a vibrant picture of human origins

    Paleoanthropologists have sketched a rough timeline of how human evolution played out, centering the early action in Africa.

  4. A monkey munches on a banana

    Mary Roach’s new book ‘Fuzz’ explores the ‘criminal’ lives of animals

    In “Fuzz: When Nature Breaks the Law,” author Mary Roach profiles mugging monkeys, thieving bears and other animal outlaws.

  5. Baby wearing yellow, laughing with head tilted upwards

    Infants may laugh like some apes in their first months of life

    Laughter seems to change over life’s early months, perhaps influenced by the unconscious feedback parents give when they play with their little ones.

  6. pictogram showing an earthquake and warriors in a river

    This pictogram is one of the oldest known accounts of earthquakes in the Americas

    The Telleriano-Remensis, a famous codex written by a pre-Hispanic civilization, describes 12 quakes that rocked the Americas from 1460 to 1542.

  7. 3-D brain organoids grown in the lab
    Health & Medicine

    How personalized brain organoids could help us demystify disorders

    Personalized clusters of brain cells made from people with Rett syndrome had abnormal activity, showing potential for studying how human brains go awry.

  8. Jubbah oasis

    Stone Age humans or their relatives occasionally trekked through a green Arabia

    Hominids periodically inhabited ancient Arabia starting around 400,000 years ago when lakes temporarily formed as a result of monsoons, a study finds.

  9. image collage of a woman looking pensively off into the distance surrounded by money, books, a rock climber, mountains and a statue couple

    Perspective-changing experiences, good or bad, can lead to richer lives

    Happiness or meaning have long been seen as keys to the “good life.” Psychologists have now defined a third good life for people leading rich psychological lives.