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  1. woman receiving a booster shot from a pharmacist
    Health & Medicine

    Here’s what we know about booster shots for Moderna’s and J&J’s COVID-19 vaccines

    Immunity against the coronavirus is waning, but additional doses of the same or different COVID-19 vaccines could help protect vulnerable people.

  2. Elementary school student receiving a COVID-19 test from a person wearing a mask and gloves
    Health & Medicine

    COVID-19 testing in schools works. So why aren’t more doing it?

    School COVID-19 testing programs can keep kids in class and safe, but face challenges ranging from deciding on a testing strategy to parental buy-in.

  3. Women looking at an old photograph

    Nostalgia may have bona fide benefits in hard times, like the pandemic

    Once described as a disease, nostalgia’s reputation is much improved. Researchers hope to develop mental health therapies that trigger these memories.

  4. an ancient burned tobacco seed shown from three angles

    The earliest evidence of tobacco use dates to over 12,000 years ago

    Burned seeds at an archaeological site in Utah hint at tobacco’s popularity long before it was domesticated.

  5. two Siberian sled dogs

    Dog DNA reveals ancient trade network connecting the Arctic to the outside world

    People in Siberia were exchanging canines and probably other goods as early as 7,000 years ago with cultures as far off as Europe and the Near East.

  6. close-up of the head of a black bird with a red beak

    How catching birds bare-handed may hint at Neandertals’ hunting tactics

    By pretending to be Neandertals, researchers show that the ancient hominids likely had the skills to easily hunt crowlike birds called choughs.

  7. illustration of a female scientist working in a lab surrounded by calendar sheets with the names of different months
    Science & Society

    How our SN 10 scientists have responded to tumultuous times

    COVID-19, social justice movements and the realities of climate change have given our Scientists to Watch new perspective.

  8. the bones of the famous skeleton Lucy arranged on a black background

    Radiometric dating puts pieces of the past in context. Here’s how

    Carbon dating and other techniques answer essential questions about human history, our planet and the solar system.

  9. woman wearing face mask and hat tending to flowers in garden
    Health & Medicine

    A custom brain implant lifted a woman’s severe depression

    An experimental device interrupts brain activity linked to a woman’s low mood. The technology, she said, has changed her lens on life.