Physics writer Emily Conover joined Science News in 2016. She has a Ph.D. in physics from the University of Chicago, where she studied the weird ways of neutrinos, tiny elementary particles that can zip straight through the Earth. She got her first taste of science writing as a AAAS Mass Media Fellow for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. She has previously written for Science Magazine and the American Physical Society. She is a two-time winner of the D.C. Science Writers’ Association Newsbrief award.

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  1. illustration of gravitational wave events

    Explore every gravitational wave event spotted so far

    This interactive visualization reveals the diversity of smashups that generate gravitational waves.

  2. illustration of drones above a city
    Quantum Physics

    Drones could help create a quantum internet

    Flying drones sent entangled particles of light to two locations a kilometer apart.

  3. fluorine atoms bonded to hydrogen atom

    This weird chemical bond acts like a mash-up of hydrogen and covalent bonds

    Chemistry students are taught that hydrogen bonds and covalent bonds are distinct, but a new study shows they exist on a continuum.

  4. Milky Way X-ray bubbles

    Enormous X-ray bubbles balloon from the center of the Milky Way

    Images from the the eROSITA telescope reveal X-ray–emitting blobs surrounding gamma-ray bubbles.

  5. illustration of quantum computer light channels
    Quantum Physics

    The new light-based quantum computer Jiuzhang has achieved quantum supremacy

    A second type of quantum computer has now performed a calculation impossible for a traditional computer.

  6. copy of Isaac Newton’s Principia

    Newton’s groundbreaking Principia may have been more popular than previously thought

    A search has uncovered over 300 copies of Isaac Newton’s famous 17th century book, the Principia, revealing a broader readership than assumed.

  7. supercooled water molecules illustrated

    Supercooled water has been caught morphing between two forms

    A new experiment used ultrafast techniques to reveal high-density water transforming into low-density water at subfreezing temperatures.

  8. close up of lasers pointed at a target

    Giant lasers help re-create supernovas’ explosive, mysterious physics

    For the first time, scientists have re-created a type of shock wave that occurs in supernovas.

  9. black hole merger illustrated

    LIGO and Virgo’s gravitational wave tally more than quadrupled in six months

    Scientists report 39 sets of spacetime ripples from just half a year of data.

  10. Atoms
    Quantum Physics

    Galileo’s famous gravity experiment holds up, even with individual atoms

    When dropped, two types of atoms accelerate at the same rate despite their differences, much like objects in Galileo’s leaning Tower of Pisa experiment.

  11. Maryam Mirzakhani and Shakuntala Devi

    A documentary and a Bollywood film highlight two disparate paths in mathematics

    An unlikely pair of films recount tales of two very different mathematical women, Maryam Mirzakhani and Shakuntala Devi.

  12. two diamonds squeezing superconductor material

    The first room-temperature superconductor has finally been found

    A compound of carbon, hydrogen and sulfur conducts electricity without resistance up to 15° C, but there’s a catch: It works only under high pressure.