Meghie Rodrigues

Meghie Rodrigues is a freelance science journalist based in Paraná state in southern Brazil, covering mainly Earth, physical sciences and climate change. She is also a Ph.D. candidate in science policy at the State University of Campinas.

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  1. A man and woman wearing face masks greet a young boy walking out of a school where four people, also in face masks, are standing in the doorway
    Health & Medicine

    After vaccinating 95 percent of adults, a Brazilian city is returning to normal

    An experiment to vaccinate all adults against COVID-19 in Serrana shows that widespread immunization drastically cuts hospitalizations and deaths.

  2. volunteer waiting for vaccine at State School Jardim das Rosas
    Health & Medicine

    How a small city in Brazil may reveal how fast vaccines can curb COVID-19

    Almost all adults in Serrana, Brazil, got COVID-19 shots. That may help answer questions about how well vaccines will work to end the pandemic.