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  1. a woman sleeps next to her baby. The photo is taken through a mosquito net.
    Health & Medicine

    A shot of immune proteins may protect against malaria for months

    A monoclonal antibody for malaria passed an early hurdle and now will be tested in children in Africa, who are most at risk of dying from the disease.

  2. image of the Cartwheel Galaxy taken by JWST

    A new James Webb telescope image reveals a galactic collision’s aftermath

    Bright and dusty spokes of star formation connect the Cartwheel Galaxy’s inner and outer rings in a new image from NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope.

  3. side-by-side microscope images of pigs’ kidneys with actin highlighted in green

    An hour after pigs’ deaths, an artificial system restored cellular life

    Sensors, pumps and artificial fluid staved off tissue damage in pigs after cardiac arrest. The system may one day preserve organs for transplantation.

  4. photo of Michel Roccati standing and using a walker as a researcher monitors his progress on an tablet

    Spinal stimulation gives some people with paralysis more freedom

    Methods that stimulate the spine with electrodes promise to improve the lives of people with spinal cord injuries, in ways that go well beyond walking.

  5. A red lionfish with fins spread wide next to bright red coral

    How slow and steady lionfish win the race against fast prey

    Lionfish overcome speedy prey with persistent pursuit, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Other slow predatory fish may use the technique too.

  6. Illustration of two black holes merging and emitting gravitational waves. The black holes, illustrated as dark spheres, have green arrows indicating spin in opposite directions

    Two black holes merged despite being born far apart in space

    A closer look at gravitational wave data reveals 10 overlooked mergers, including one between black holes that probably found each other late in life.

  7. children eating lunch at school
    Science & Society

    Friendships with rich people may help lift children out of poverty

    For poor children, forming connections to richer peers is linked to greater earnings later in life, researchers say.

  8. Tropical fish biologist Mark Meekan, in a dive suit, swims near the nose of a whale shark.

    Whale sharks may be the world’s largest omnivores

    An analysis of the sharks’ skin shows that the animals eat and digest algae.

  9. microscope image of tiny Dictyostelium discoideum amoebas shown as dots forming larger blobs
    Health & Medicine

    Tiny amoebas move faster when carrying cargo than without

    A new study of the carrying capacity of single-celled amoebas may help scientists develop mini “trucks” to precisely target disease in the human body.

  10. Health & Medicine

    I think I have long COVID. What does that mean?

    The condition comes with varying levels of severity and symptoms, making it hard to diagnose and treat.

  11. dark field microscope images of long, thin cable bacteria filaments

    Electrical bacteria may help clean oil spills and curb methane emissions

    Cable bacteria are living electrical wires that may become a tool to reduce methane emissions and clean oil spills.

  12. a black container of dark faux asteroid soil and peat moss, held by a man wearing a gray shirt and jeans. There is a tiny chili pepper seedling poking through the dirt
    Planetary Science

    Astronauts might be able to use asteroid soil to grow crops

    Researchers grew romaine lettuce, chili pepper and pink radish plants in mixtures of faux asteroid soil and peat moss.