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  1. bag of methamphetamines
    Health & Medicine

    U.S. drug deaths dipped in 2018, but cocaine and meth overdoses rose

    In 2018, the rates of drug overdose deaths for methamphetamine and cocaine surpassed that of prescription opioids.

  2. flooded street

    Economic costs of rising seas will be steeper than we thought, unless we prepare

    A study estimates 4 percent in annual global GDP losses by 2100 due to sea level rise, unless people curb emissions and prepare for flood risks.

  3. Homo erectus skull

    The earliest known hominid interbreeding occurred 700,000 years ago

    The migration of Neandertal-Denisovan ancestors to Eurasia some 700,000 years ago heralded hookups with a resident hominid population.

  4. Life

    How African turquoise killifish press the pause button on aging

    The fish’s embryos can enter a state of suspended growth to survive dry spells. A study shows that state protects them from aging, and hints at how.

  5. Climate

    Climate change is slowly drying up the Colorado River

    Annual water flow in the Colorado River decreased by over 11 percent due to warming in the 20th century, a new study estimates.

  6. Podarcis muralis

    A new lizard parasite is the first known to move from mom to baby

    Nematodes were found living in a lizard’s ovaries and the braincase of her embryos — the first evidence of a reptile parasite that jumps generations.

  7. gas burning

    Fossil fuel use may emit 40 percent more methane than we thought

    Ice cores suggest natural seeps release less methane than was estimated, meaning industry produces nearly all of today’s geologic methane emissions.

  8. ALPHA experiment machinery
    Particle Physics

    Antimatter hydrogen has the same quantum quirk as normal hydrogen

    Atoms of antihydrogen are affected by the Lamb shift, which results from transient particles appearing and disappearing.

  9. Nebelivka site

    Ancient ‘megasites’ may reshape the history of the first cities

    At least two ancient paths to urban development existed, some archaeologists argue.

  10. Olm salamander in cave

    One blind, aquatic salamander may have sat mostly still for seven years

    Olms may live for about century and appear to spend their time moving sparingly.

  11. Quasar Markarian 231

    Molecular oxygen has been spotted beyond the Milky Way for the first time

    Astronomers have detected molecular oxygen in another galaxy for the first time. The discovery is only the third sighting beyond our solar system.

  12. Neandertal fossils in Shanidar Cave

    New cave fossils have revived the debate over Neandertal burials

    Part of a Neandertal’s skeleton was found in a hole dug in the same cave in Iraqi Kurdistan where the “flower burial” was found in 1960.