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  1. ‘Space hurricanes’ churn at both of Earth’s magnetic poles

    The southern hemisphere’s ionosphere experiences about 23 space hurricanes per year, which is on par with the northern hemisphere.

  2. Humans

    World record speeds for two Olympics events have fallen over time. We can go faster

    The human body can go faster in the 100-meter dash and the 50-meter freestyle. But to reach full potential, our technique must be perfect.

  3. Space

    A Dune-inspired spacesuit turns astronaut pee into drinking water

    The spacesuit design collects urine, filters it, adds electrolytes and stores the cleaned water for the astronaut to drink.

  4. Health & Medicine

    Bird flu has been invading the brains of mammals. Here’s why

    Although H5N1 and its relatives can cause mild disease in some animals, these viruses are more likely to infect brain tissue than other types of flu.

  5. Genetics

    Freeze-drying turned a woolly mammoth’s DNA into 3-D ‘chromoglass’

    A new technique for probing the 3-D structure of ancient DNA may help scientists learn how extinct animals functioned, not just what they looked like.

  6. Environment

    Landfills belch toxic ‘forever chemicals’ into the air

    An analysis of samples from three Florida landfills shows that landfill gas can carry more PFAS than the liquid that leaches from the waste.

  7. Health & Medicine

    Breastfeeding should take a toll on bones. A brain hormone may protect them

    The hormone CCN3 improves bone strength even as breastfeeding saps bones of calcium, a study in mice shows.

  8. Astronomy

    A middleweight black hole has been spotted for the first time in our galaxy

    The rare find, discovered in the star cluster Omega Centauri, could offer clues to how black holes and galaxies evolve.

  9. Artificial Intelligence

    AI’s understanding and reasoning skills can’t be assessed by current tests

    Assessing whether large language models — including the one that powers ChatGPT — have humanlike cognitive abilities will require better tests.

  10. Environment

    The world has water problems. This book has solutions

    The Last Drop tackles global water problems and explores how humans can better manage the precious resource.

  11. Animals

    Tiny saunas help frogs fight off chytrid fungus

    Balmy shelters could bolster resistance to the deadly fungus in amphibian populations, but experts caution they won’t work for all susceptible species.

  12. Health & Medicine

    How doctors can help demystify birth control amid online confusion

    There’s a larger takeaway from some social media content about hormonal birth control side effects: People aren’t getting the information they need.