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  1. blueprint style illustration of a brain with lines and shapes to indicate networks

    An AI can decode speech from brain activity with surprising accuracy

    Developed by Facebook’s parent company, Meta, the AI could eventually be used to help people who can’t communicate through speech, typing or gestures.

  2. a woman holds of a lost loved one at the second annual COVID March to Remember
    Health & Medicine

    How the COVID-19 pandemic may leave a long-term imprint on our health

    As much as we want to put the pandemic in the rearview mirror, the coronavirus’s impact will remain a feature of many tomorrows.

  3. Readers discuss big bacteria, gravitational radar and more

  4. illustration of Pantolambda bathmodon

    Living fast may have helped mammals like ‘ManBearPig’ dominate

    Staying in the womb for a while but being born ready to rock may have helped post-dinosaur mammals take over the planet.

  5. image of a young adult’s skeleton with the lower left leg absent

    The oldest known surgical amputation occurred 31,000 years ago

    A young adult on the island of Borneo survived a lower left leg removal thanks to medically savvy rainforest surgeons.

  6. An engraving of Hercules capturing the three-headed dog Cerberus with a rope around its neck amidst mysterious flames

    How mythology could help demystify dog domestication

    The path that dog myths took around the world closely parallels that of dog domestication, a new study finds.

  7. Yasmin Morales stands in the doorway of her home with debris and the Puerto Rico landscape visible behind her. The roof is absent. Jugs of water sit on a counter top, and two big blue barrels stand in front of her.

    A coral pollution study unexpectedly helped explain Hurricane Maria’s fury

    Tracking coral reef pollution in Puerto Rico, conservation researchers discovered by chance how the coastal ocean fueled Hurricane Maria.

  8. image of a tree canopy taken from below looking up

    The worldwide water-lifting power of plants is enormous

    The energy used per year by the world’s plants to lift sap rivals the amount of energy generated by all hydroelectric dams, a new study suggests.

  9. Photo of blue cheese

    Meet the fungal friends and foes that surround us

    Keith Seifert’s book 'The Hidden Kingdom of Fungi' explores how microfungi shape our world.

  10. A painting of a Muscogee (Creek) village in the 1790s shows a circular council house next to four clan structures positioned around a square. The village is on the banks of a pond and surrounded by trees.

    Indigenous Americans ruled democratically long before the U.S. did

    Oklahoma’s Muscogee people, among others, promoted rule by the people long before the U.S. Constitution was written.

  11. Science is global, so our coverage should be too

    Editor in chief Nancy Shute discusses Science News' efforts to report on science happening around the globe

  12. A vial of a COVID-19 vaccine held by a hand wearing a green glove
    Health & Medicine

    What you need to know about the new omicron booster shots

    With approval of omicron booster shots, COVID-19 vaccine approval and dosing guidance is moving closer to the way flu shots are handled.