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  1. scientist holding small piece of ancient dog bone

    An ancient dog fossil helps trace humans’ path into the Americas

    Found in Alaska, the roughly 10,000-year-old bone bolsters the idea that early human settlers took a coastal rather than inland route.

  2. illustration of Plateosaurus

    Climate change helped some dinosaurs migrate to Greenland

    A drop in CO2 levels helped massive plant eaters called sauropodomorphs trek from South America to Greenland 214 million years ago, says a new study.

  3. Jesse Laney and other ecologists on a birdwatching trip

    A rare bird sighting doesn’t lead to seeing more kinds of rare birds

    The idea that more kinds of rare birds are seen when birders flock to where one has been seen, the so-called Patagonia Picnic Table Effect, is a myth.