Cassie Martin is the associate editor at Science News. When she’s not reporting stories about coral reefs, dog genetics or astronaut poop, she edits the magazine’s Letters to the Editor section, fact-checks the news and works on the Science News in High Schools program. Cassie has a bachelor's degree in molecular genetics from Michigan State University, and a master's degree in science journalism from Boston University. Prior to Science News, she wrote for MIT, Harvard and elsewhere.

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  1. rulers
    Science & Society

    The U.S. has resisted the metric system for more than 50 years

    Australia adopted the metric system 50 years ago. The United States tried by passing legislation for a voluntary conversion that was largely ignored.

  2. Multimammate rats
    Health & Medicine

    50 years ago, scientists were trying to get a grip on Lassa fever

    In 1970, scientists were on the trail of a deadly new virus. Fifty years later, a vaccine is just now being tested in people.

  3. smallpox vaccination
    Health & Medicine

    50 years ago, scientists debated the necessity of a smallpox vaccine

    In 1970, scientists debated the necessity of routine smallpox vaccinations as the disease declined. Fifty years later, the debate continues.

  4. Neutron star merger illustration
    Science & Society

    These science claims from 2019 could be big deals — if true

    Some of this year’s most tantalizing scientific finds aren’t yet ready for a “best of” list.

  5. DNA in a magnifying glass illustration
    Science & Society

    Why a warrant to search GEDmatch’s genetic data has sparked privacy concerns

    A search warrant issued by a state judge in Florida gives police access to DNA profiles of over a million Americans in a public genealogy database.

  6. map of Magellan's route
    Science & Society

    How circling the globe has evolved in the 500 years since Magellan’s famous trip

    Humankind has found new and improved ways to circle the globe in the five centuries since Magellan set sail.

  7. thalidomide
    Health & Medicine

    50 years ago, a drug that crippled a generation found new life as a leprosy treatment

    In 1969, a drug that crippled a generation found new life as a treatment for leprosy.

  8. maze corals with lesions

    A mysterious coral disease is ravaging Caribbean reefs

    Scientists are racing to learn what’s behind a disease that’s “annihilating” whole coral species in hopes of stopping it.

  9. kids swimming
    Health & Medicine

    Here’s the science behind some of your favorite things to do in summer

    Inject some science into your summer.

  10. Norwich terrier

    Some dog breeds may have trouble breathing because of a mutated gene

    Norwich terriers don’t have flat snouts, but can suffer the same wheezing as bulldogs. It turns out that a gene mutation tied to swelling could be to blame.

  11. virus replication

    50 years ago, scientists were unlocking the secrets of bacteria-infecting viruses

    In 1969, a bacteria-infecting virus held promise for unlocking the secrets of viral replication. Fifty years later, the virus is a versatile tool for scientists.

  12. air pollution
    Science & Society

    NSF science research funds are flowing again after the shutdown

    Assessing the scope of the shutdown’s impact on NSF-funded science will be a long process.