Cassie Martin is a deputy managing editor at Science News. She has a bachelor's degree in molecular genetics from Michigan State University, and a master's degree in science journalism from Boston University.

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  1. Earth

    50 years ago, the sun’s influence on Earth’s lightning was revealed

    The solar wind and sunspots seem to give lightning a boost. But exactly how solar activity stimulates strikes is an enduring mystery.

  2. Paleontology

    50 years ago, trilobite eyes mesmerized scientists

    Decades of research has confirmed that for such simple creatures, trilobites had astoundingly complex eyes.

  3. Physics

    50 years ago, timekeepers deployed the newly invented leap second

    After more than 50 years, metrologists will stop using the leap second to align the time kept by atomic clocks with the rate of Earth’s spin.

  4. Math

    Here are some astounding scientific firsts of 2023

    Notable feats include discovering a planet-eating star, extracting RNA from an extinct animal and more.

  5. Genetics

    50 years ago, scientists sequenced a gene for the first time

    Within five decades, scientists went from sequencing a single gene to sequencing the entire human genome.

  6. Science & Society

    Here’s how Russia’s war in Ukraine is still reshaping global science

    Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in 2022 disrupted both local and global science.

  7. Neuroscience

    Emily Jacobs wants to know how sex hormones sculpt the brain

    Emily Jacobs studies how the brain changes throughout women’s reproductive years, plus what it all means for health.

  8. Health & Medicine

    Christopher Barnes is on a quest for a universal coronavirus vaccine

    Christopher Barnes wants to stop the viruses that cause COVID-19, the common cold and more.

  9. Health & Medicine

    Smruthi Karthikeyan turned to wastewater to get ahead of COVID-19

    Smruthi Karthikeyan’s system for tracking the coronavirus gives lifesaving public health measures a head start.

  10. Animals

    A common antibiotic slows a mysterious coral disease

    Applying the antibiotic amoxicillin to infected lesions halted tissue death in corals for at least 11 months after treatment.

  11. These are the most-read Science News stories of 2020

    From 'murder hornets' to the physics of Notre Dame's construction, Science News online readers had a wide variety of favorite stories on our website.

  12. Science & Society

    These science claims from 2020 could be big news if confirmed

    Scientific findings reported this year that still need more proof include potential signs of life on Venus and Earth’s oldest parasites.