1. black and white image of Niels Bohr standing in front of a chalkboard
    Quantum Physics

    ‘From Data to Quanta’ defends Niels Bohr’s view of quantum mechanics

    In his new book, philosopher Slobodan Perović corrects misconceptions about physicist Niels Bohr’s work.

  2. Clovis spearpoints

    ‘Origin’ explores the controversial science of the first Americans

    A new book looks at how genetics has affected the study of humans’ arrival in the Americas and sparked conflicts with Indigenous groups today.

  3. Solar plasma jet
    Science & Society

    Stuck inside this winter? Try an at-home citizen science project

    Researchers are in search of volunteers to look for solar jets, transcribe old weather logbooks, listen for threatened frogs and more.

  4. a picture of an ancient Indian text

    Take an online journey through the history of math

    ‘History of Mathematics’ explores the origins of arithmetic, algebra, geometry and more.

  5. illustration of a skeleton with the nervous system highlighted

    ‘Feeling & Knowing’ explores the origin and evolution of consciousness

    In the book Feeling & Knowing, neuroscientist Antonio Damasio suggests that consciousness evolved as a way to keep essential bodily systems steady.

  6. collage of covers of 10 books
    Science & Society

    These are Science News’ favorite books of 2021

    Our favorite books covered the Big Bang theory, human evolution, gene editing, how to define life, pseudoscience and more.

  7. a small lizard sitting on a leaf

    A new book shows how animals are already coping with climate change

    ‘Hurricane Lizards and Plastic Squid’ takes a clear-eyed look at future of animal life.

  8. Genetically engineered glow-in-the-dark fish

    ‘Life as We Made It’ charts the past and future of genetic tinkering

    A new book shatters illusions that human meddling with nature has only just begun.

  9. image of pyramids in Egypt

    ‘The Dawn of Everything’ rewrites 40,000 years of human history

    A new book recasts human social evolution as multiple experiments with freedom and domination that started in the Stone Age.

  10. Album cover of Experimental Words
    Science & Society

    The spoken word album ‘Experimental Words’ weaves rhyme with reason

    The spoken word album Experimental Words, a collaboration between researchers and poets, explores the intersection between science and art.

  11. Pastoruri Glacier in the Peruvian Andes

    ‘Ice Rivers’ invites you to get to know our world’s melting glaciers

    In her new book, Jemma Wadham brings readers along on her scientific expeditions to the world’s iciest places.

  12. A monkey munches on a banana

    Mary Roach’s new book ‘Fuzz’ explores the ‘criminal’ lives of animals

    In “Fuzz: When Nature Breaks the Law,” author Mary Roach profiles mugging monkeys, thieving bears and other animal outlaws.