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  1. Science & Society

    In ‘Get the Picture,’ science helps explore the meaning of art

    Journalist Bianca Bosker infiltrates the secretive art world to understand the science and psychology of why art matters to the human experience.

  2. Space

    How ‘Our Moon’ shaped life on Earth and human history

    Science News reviews Rebecca Boyle’s new wide-ranging book, which tells the story of the moon and its relationship with the inhabitants of Earth.

  3. Planetary Science

    Salt may have carved out Mercury’s terrains, including glacierlike features

    Mercury may contain a planetwide cache of salt that has sculpted chaotic terrain and possibly even habitable niches.

  4. Planetary Science

    Oxygen-rich exoplanets may be geologically active

    Experiments show that rocks exposed to higher concentrations of oxygen have a lower melting temperature than rocks exposed to lower amounts.

  5. Agriculture

    Nanoscale nutrients can protect plants from fungal diseases

    Applied to the shoots, nutrients served in tiny metallic packages are absorbed more efficiently, strengthening plants’ defenses against fungal attack.