1. Talos and Medea

    Our fascination with robots goes all the way back to antiquity

    In the book ‘Gods and Robots,’ a scholar recounts how early civilizations explored artificial life through myths.

  2. quantum wave function
    Quantum Physics

    ‘Beyond Weird’ and ‘What Is Real?’ try to make sense of quantum weirdness

    The books ‘Beyond Weird’ and ‘What is Real?’ have different perspectives on what quantum physics says about reality.

  3. collage of book covers
    Science & Society

    These are our favorite science books of 2018

    Science News writers and editors pick which science books were this year’s must-reads.

  4. flu death in 1918
    Health & Medicine

    Two new books explore the science and history of the 1918 flu pandemic

    One-hundred years after the Spanish flu, ‘Pandemic 1918’ and ‘Influenza’ provide a new look at the global outbreak.

  5. people playing a science board game
    Particle Physics

    Why a chemistry teacher started a science board game company

    Subatomic is the latest game from John Coveyou, whose company Genius Games wants people to find the joy in science.

  6. Goanna

    ‘End of the Megafauna’ examines why so many giant Ice Age animals went extinct

    ‘End of the Megafauna’ ponders the mystery of what killed off so many of Earth’s big animals over the last 50,000 years.

  7. camel cricket

    If you want to believe your home’s bug free, don’t read this book

    ‘Never Home Alone’ reveals the hidden world living in human-made spaces.

  8. Earth's atmosphere

    ‘18 Miles’ is full of interesting tales about Earth’s atmosphere

    The new book ‘18 Miles’ takes readers on a journey through the atmosphere and the history of understanding climate and weather.

  9. blood bags

    Explore the history of blood from vampires to the ‘Menstrual Man’

    Rose George’s book ‘Nine Pints’ offers readers an engaging and insightful cultural and scientific history of blood.

  10. Ryan Gosling as Neil Armstrong in First Man

    The Neil Armstrong biopic ‘First Man’ captures early spaceflight’s terror

    At a time when NASA is considering how to return astronauts to the moon, ‘First Man’ is a sobering reminder of how risky the first giant leap was.

  11. Black Death doctor illustration
    Health & Medicine

    ‘Sawbones’ invites readers to laugh at the bizarre history of medicine

    ‘The Sawbones Book,’ based on the popular podcast by Dr. Sydnee and Justin McElroy, ties the strange history of modern medicine to modern pseudoscience.

  12. black hole shadow

    ‘Einstein’s Shadow’ explores what it takes to snap a black hole’s picture

    The new book offers a behind-the-scenes look at the Event Horizon Telescope’s attempt to image a black hole.