1. cosmic bubble

    A new book explores how the concept of the multiverse has evolved

    Tom Siegfried, author of ‘The Number of the Heavens,’ discusses what the multiverse has meant to great thinkers throughout history.

  2. exoplanet

    ‘Imagined Life’ envisions the odd critters of other planets

    The authors of ‘Imagined Life’ rely on science to sketch out what kind of organisms might exist on exoplanets.

  3. Quantum Physics

    Sean Carroll’s new book argues quantum physics leads to many worlds

    ‘Something Deeply Hidden’ offers a defense of The Many Worlds Interpretation of quantum mechanics.

  4. graphs

    A new book shows how not to fall for dubious statistics

    Skipped statistics in school and wonder what you missed? David Spiegelhalter’s ‘The Art of Statistics’ has got you covered.

  5. pollen
    Science & Society

    ‘The Nature of Life and Death’ spotlights pollen’s role in solving crimes

    In ‘The Nature of Life and Death,’ botanist Patricia Wiltshire recounts some of her most memorable cases.

  6. asteroid
    Science & Society

    ‘End Times’ explores the catastrophic events that could kill us all

    A new book looks at the threats that could wipe out humankind and what can be done to counteract them.

  7. satellite image

    Satellites are transforming how archaeologists study the past

    In ‘Archaeology from Space,’ Sarah Parcak takes readers on a lively tour of the past, and archaeology of the 21st century.

  8. fruits in an Asian market

    ‘Fruit from the Sands’ explores the Silk Road origins of apples, tea and more

    A new book explains how many of today’s popular foods got started on Central Asia’s ancient Silk Road trade networks.

  9. an image showing several Apollo 11 anniversary books
    Planetary Science

    Celebrate the moon landing anniversary with books that go beyond the small step

    New books about Apollo 11 and the mission to the moon offer something for everyone, from astronomy lovers to fans of graphic novels and self-improvement buffs.

  10. green algae

    ‘Slime’ shows how algae have shaped our climate, evolution and daily lives

    The new book ‘Slime’ makes the case that algae deserve to be celebrated.

  11. calcite crystals

    Carbon plays a starring role in the new book ‘Symphony in C’

    In Symphony in C, geophysicist Robert Hazen explores carbon’s ancient origins, its role in life and its importance in the modern world.

  12. Diplodocus in Smithsonian fossil hall
    Science & Society

    The Smithsonian’s ‘Deep Time’ exhibit gives dinosaurs new life

    The Smithsonian’s renovated fossil hall puts ancient dinosaurs and other creatures in context.