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DNA fingerprinting

In this activity, students will analyze simulated DNA data from different people to understand how such data can be interpreted and applied.

All about genes

These discussion prompts examine student knowledge of DNA and genes, and then explore DNA sequencing and gene therapy.

The human genome reviewed

Students will explore and compare articles about genomes in general, and the human genome in particular.

The stories in your DNA

Students will answer questions based on the Science News article "An open book."

Pick your battles

These discussion prompts encourage students to put themselves in the shoes of researchers studying animal weaponry, by evaluating, proposing and mapping out an experiment.

Surveying animal weaponry

Students will explore articles about animal weaponry from the Science News archive.

The truth behind animal brawls

Students will answer questions based on the Science News article "Fight like an animal."

Land of the lost

In this activity, students will identify fossils using hand magnifiers or stereomicroscopes, determine which era each fossil is from and how the fossils might have formed over time.

Journey to the age of the dinosaurs

These discussion prompts cover the major groups of dinosaurs and their time on Earth, as well as how we study them today.

Dino discoveries add up

From feathers to extinction, there's a lot to learn about dinosaurs in the Science News archive.

A dinosaur defined

Students answer questions about how the definition of a dinosaur is changing with new scientific evidence.

Boosting your background knowledge

These discussion prompts help students gain a better understanding of key vocabulary and concepts covered in the Top 10 articles of 2017.