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Facing the flu through time

Students will search the Science News archive for stories related to the flu and flu vaccines.

Flu shot response foretold

Students will answer questions about new research showing that the activity of a small number of genes can predict a young person's immune response to the flu vaccine.

Flex Time

This guide focuses on neurons, how they form connections and how those connections are important for learning.

How do neurons form connections?

Students will study prepared microscope slides and create model neurons to gain a better understanding of what neurons look like, how they connect and how learning changes these connections.

Your inside guide to the learning brain

These discussion prompts focus on neurons and their signals and how magnetic resonance imaging works.

The amazingly malleable brain

Students will search the Science News archive for other stories related to brain connections and learning.

Probing the brain’s connections

Students will answer questions based on the Science News article "Flex time," which explores how flexible brains might make for better learning.

Building the best battery

In this activity, students will build, test and optimize their own batteries using various metal electrodes and liquid electrolytes.

What makes different types of batteries unique?

Students will research specific battery types and report on what they find.

Reduction-oxidation reaction demonstration

This teacher-led demonstration is a straightforward introduction to reduction-oxidation reactions.

Using Science News to develop a research question and hypothesis

Students will use Science News as a resource for discovering a research question that interests them and developing a testable hypothesis.

Science News as research inspiration

Students will discuss the scientific details that are left out of short news reports and explore how these brief reports can lead to ideas for original research.