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Do not disturb

Students will explore the immediate and long-term effects of specific environmental disturbances, including how energy enters or leaves an ecosystem, how the biotic and abiotic characteristics of the ecosystem change and how organisms evolve under the new conditions.

How are elements created?

Students will explore how elements are created — in nature and in the lab — while focusing on the concepts of atomic structure, stability and stellar evolution.

A Nobel timeline in tweets

Students will track the scientific progress associated with a discovery or advance that was awarded a Nobel Prize by creating a timeline of key events and players.

Career share and compare

These discussion prompts encourage students to discuss and compare the work and background of two SN 10 scientists to explore the varied paths to becoming a successful researcher.

Many Moore transistors?

After watching a video about transistors, your class can use these discussion prompts to analyze transistor technology and predict future trends in computer processing.

Dissect a scientific argument

These discussion prompts ask students to evaluate a scientific argument using the claim, evidence, reasoning model.

Eyes across the globe

Students will learn about three global monitoring networks and the types of scientific data collected by each. Additional prompts encourage students to consider the purpose of these networks.

How you find and share news in your life

After asking students where they get their news and how they share it, these discussion prompts explore characteristics of a story that can provide clues to its quality and credibility.

Step into the shoes of an insect farmer

These discussion prompts ask students to design solutions to problems insect farmers might face and think through the implementation and potential consequences of those solutions.

Measure the universe

These discussion prompts help students think about the scale of the solar system and universe, and how scientists study phenomena that are hard to reach in space or very distant in time.

Explore genetic engineering’s legacy

These discussion prompts explore how genetic engineering has been used in medicine, agriculture and basic research.

Move into a hermit crab’s shell

These discussion prompts connect concepts including energy, competition, adaptation, speciation, natural selection and chemical and physical changes to a real-world example.