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Measure the universe

These discussion prompts help students think about the scale of the solar system and universe, and how scientists study phenomena that are hard to reach in space or very distant in time.

Explore genetic engineering’s legacy

These discussion prompts explore how genetic engineering has been used in medicine, agriculture and basic research.

Move into a hermit crab’s shell

These discussion prompts connect concepts including energy, competition, adaptation, speciation, natural selection and chemical and physical changes to a real-world example.

Battle the plankton blooms

These discussion prompts ask students to design a strategy for minimizing or mitigating the effects of Arctic phytoplankton blooms for one group of people.

Journey to the center of the Earth

After thinking through concepts related to processes in the Earth's core, students will use these prompts to create a diagram of the geodynamo.

Step into the shoes of a scientist studying ancient locomotion

These discussion prompts encourage students to apply their knowledge of experimental design.

Explore volcanic eruptions, and their devastating aftermath

These discussion prompts explore volcanic explosivity and collapse, the ecosystem and health effects of eruptions and how to keep people safe during natural disasters.

Go beyond Mendeleev’s model

These discussion prompts encourage students to think about the principles and purposes of scientific models in all areas of science and engineering.

Build your science knowledge

Students will define key science vocabulary to better understand the concepts covered in Science News' Top 10 science stories of 2018.

Navigate neuroscience

Students will use resources beyond the article to answer more detailed questions on neuroscience, biochemistry and microbiology.

Think before you drink

These discussion prompts ask students about drinking water contaminants and drinking water treatment methods.

Get to know your vitamins

These discussion prompts cover the major types of vitamins and their sources, and how vitamin levels impact health.