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Many Moore transistors?

After watching a video about transistors, your class can use these discussion prompts to analyze transistor technology and predict future trends in computer processing.

Pushing computers to the limit

Students will answer questions based on the Science News article “Computer chip milestone reached.”

Your nose is running

Students will practice making predictions and drawing conclusions. The activity will help students understand how infections spread, especially among organisms living in close proximity.

News you can trust?

Students will develop their critical thinking skills by evaluating and rating the trustworthiness of an article and will practice presentation skills by sharing the information with the class.

How you find and share news in your life

After asking students where they get their news and how they share it, these discussion prompts explore characteristics of a story that can provide clues to its quality and credibility.

Evaluating measles news

Students will answer questions based on the Science News article "Measles erases immune memory."

Chirpy jerky

Students will test insects' nutrient compositions and compare that data with similar data from conventional snack foods.

Step into the shoes of an insect farmer

These discussion prompts ask students to design solutions to problems insect farmers might face and think through the implementation and potential consequences of those solutions.

Dusty data dive

Students will practice analyzing and graphing data using two data tables from a primary research study about space dust.

The great gene-editing debate

Students will research and debate a contentious issue, arguing an assigned viewpoint based on scientific evidence. This debate is focused on gene editing for the creation of human babies, but can be easily adapted for other topics.

Getting source savvy

Students will explore similarities and differences in how scientific research is reported in a journalistic article versus a primary research paper.

Battle the plankton blooms

These discussion prompts ask students to design a strategy for minimizing or mitigating the effects of Arctic phytoplankton blooms for one group of people.