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Pucker up

Students will analyze the amount of a chemical in a dietary supplement.

The SN 10 Game

Students will come up with a Jeopardy! style game or use a game provided to better understand the character traits, personality qualities and career paths of the SN 10: Scientists to Watch.

Tongue tied

This activity will help students understand how the similarities and differences between languages may influence language learning.

Looking up languages

Students will explore and compare articles about languages and language learning as reported by Science News and Science News for Students.

DNA fingerprinting

In this activity, students will analyze simulated DNA data from different people to understand how such data can be interpreted and applied.

The human genome reviewed

Students will explore and compare articles about genomes in general, and the human genome in particular.

Cookieology: Experimental design 101

To explore the steps of experimental design, students will plan an experiment to make an ideal sugar cookie.

Surveying animal weaponry

Students will explore articles about animal weaponry from the Science News archive.

Escaping from a black hole

Students will come to better understand black holes and Hawking radiation by deriving expressions and calculating theoretical data that relate to these phenomena.

A life revisited

Students will explore and compare articles about Stephen Hawking and black holes from the Science News archive.

Opioid data dose

Students will work individually or in small groups to study different parts of the CDC website on opioids and summarize their findings for the class.

Opioids in the archives

These questions ask students to search the Science News archive to expand their knowledge about opioid use and misuse.