Diving in to coral research

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1. What is the date of the earliest article you can find that focuses on coral reefs? What is the focus of this article? 

Possible Student Response: www.sciencenews.org/archive/study-coral-reef-origin. This article from 1949 focuses on the origin of coral reefs.

2. What is the date of the earliest article you can find that names coral bleaching as a potential problem? Does the research presented in the archived article align with what’s reported in the current article? 

Possible Student Response: www.sciencenews.org/archive/bleached-reefs. This article from 1990 presents research that questions whether warmer ocean temperatures promote coral bleaching.

3. How has coral reef coverage in the news changed over time? Support your statement with accompanying Science News articles. 

Possible Student Response: Answers may vary for this prompt, but look for supporting evidence from specific articles.

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