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Navigate neuroscience

Students will use resources beyond the article to answer more detailed questions on neuroscience, biochemistry and microbiology.

Making a gut-brain connection

Students will answer questions based on the Science News article "Parkinson's pathways."

Think before you drink

These discussion prompts ask students about drinking water contaminants and drinking water treatment methods.

Wading through drinking water systems

Students will answer questions based on the Science News article "Drinkability."

The languages of the fields

Students will define key science terms from a range of scientific fields using contextual clues from Science News articles.

How is yogurt made?

Students will culture yogurt bacteria with and without antibiotics to test the bacteria's sensitivity and then stain microscope slides to determine if the bacteria are gram-positive or gram-negative.

Our ongoing battle with bacteria

These discussion prompts focus on the nature of bacteria and types of antibiotics, as well as methods for dealing with antibiotic resistance.

A look back at antibiotics

Students will search the Science News archive for stories related to antibiotics and bacterial infections.

Reviewing bacterial defenses

These questions focus on student understanding of gram-negative bacteria and the bacteria's response to antibiotics.

New Rules for Finding Antibiotics

This guide introduces students to the wide world of bacteria, bacterial infections, antibiotics and antibiotic resistance.