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Saving Notre Dame’s Sound

This guide, based on the Science News article “Saving Notre Dame’s sound,” asks students to explore how scientists resurrect the acoustics of historic places, consider factors that affect how sound behaves to design a room with specific sound requirements, and measure and compare how sound changes in different environments.

A world of acoustics

Students will use decibel meters to understand how the volume of a sound changes as it travels away from a source. Concepts covered include sound waves, the inverse square law, absorption and reflection. The activity also asks students to consider how the characteristics of a space affect the sound.

Sound science at Notre Dame

Students will answer questions about the Science News article “Saving Notre Dame’s sound,” which explores how scientists resurrect acoustics of historic places.

2019 Year in Review

This guide, based on the biggest science stories of 2019 as reported by Science News, asks students to read and dissect a story of their choice and practice their summarizing skills. An activity from the Digital Library asks students to analyze and graph data about the moon’s orbit.

Ten top science stories from 2019

Students will answer questions about one of Science News’ Top 10 stories of 2019.

Computer Chip Milestone Reached

This guide, based on the Science News article “Computer chip milestone reached,” asks students to explore transistors and Moore’s Law. The activity leads students as they design a simple circuit out of logic gates.

Digital circuit design

Students will practice designing an integrated circuit that can accomplish a simple task. The activity will help students understand that digital circuits are composed of logic gates made up of transistors.

Many Moore transistors?

After watching a video about transistors, your class can use these discussion prompts to analyze transistor technology and predict future trends in computer processing.

Pushing computers to the limit

Students will answer questions based on the Science News article “Computer chip milestone reached.”

Step into the shoes of an insect farmer

These discussion prompts ask students to design solutions to problems insect farmers might face and think through the implementation and potential consequences of those solutions.

Ban on Gene-edited Babies Proposed

This guide explores basic topics related to gene editing and other applications of genetic engineering.

Robot Re-creates a Tetrapod’s Moves

This guide explores how scientists combine approaches from different scientific fields to study ancient locomotion.