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The Periodic Table: A nuclear view

Students will learn how interactions among the protons and neutrons in the atomic nucleus affect the properties and stability of chemical elements, and how these properties could inform the creation of future elements.

Journey to the center of the Earth

After thinking through concepts related to processes in the Earth's core, students will use these prompts to create a diagram of the geodynamo.

Explore volcanic eruptions, and their devastating aftermath

These discussion prompts explore volcanic explosivity and collapse, the ecosystem and health effects of eruptions and how to keep people safe during natural disasters.
Dmitrii Mendeleev

The periodic table turns 150

This guide reviews the history and development of the periodic table and explores the periodic table as a scientific model.

Now trending, the Periodic Table

After watching videos about the periodic table, students will identify general patterns in the table.

Go beyond Mendeleev’s model

These discussion prompts encourage students to think about the principles and purposes of scientific models in all areas of science and engineering.

Getting to know the periodic table

Students will answer questions based on the Science News article "The periodic table turns 150."
A satellite image of Hurricane Florence

2018 Year in Review

This guide reviews the biggest science stories of 2018, as reported by Science News.

Build your science knowledge

Students will define key science vocabulary to better understand the concepts covered in Science News' Top 10 science stories of 2018.

Understanding science’s impact

Students will work in groups to analyze one of Science News' Top 10 science stories of 2018.

Martian water challenge

Students will use common materials to design, build and test their own water purification system.

Think before you drink

These discussion prompts ask students about drinking water contaminants and drinking water treatment methods.