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cute kitten

How to Lick Cat Allergies

This guide asks students to explore how scientists are combating cat allergies, apply problem-solving strategies to an allergen of their choice, review basic concepts in genetics and analyze Punnett squares.

The quest to fend off cat allergies

Students will answer questions about the Science News article “How to lick cat allergies,” which explores some potential solutions to prevent and calm allergic reactions.

Taking charge of allergies

Students will identify and categorize various approaches to fending off cat allergies. After discussing the approaches, students will apply similar problem-solving strategies to a new allergen.

What’s that smell?

Students will explore how our sense of smell helps us interpret the world around us, and how those interpretations may vary. Students will practice analyzing data and determine how temperature affects vapor pressure and thus the intensity of scents.
mammal skulls

Here Come the (Bigger) Mammals

This guide, based on the Science News article “Here come the (bigger) mammals,” asks students to analyze a graph about a recent fossil find, discuss how organisms evolve as ecosystems change and research important fossil sites across the world.

Growing up mammal

Students will answer questions based on the Science News article “Here come the (bigger) mammals.”

Do not disturb

Students will explore the immediate and long-term effects of specific environmental disturbances, including how energy enters or leaves an ecosystem, how the biotic and abiotic characteristics of the ecosystem change and how organisms evolve under the new conditions.

Stories in rock

In this activity, students will research important fossil sites across the world and synthesize what they find into a story to present to the class.
lithium-ion battery

Nobel Prize Winners Announced

This guide, based on Science News’ article “Nobel prize winners announced,” asks students to summarize the discoveries that won the prizes, create a timeline that puts one prize in context and explore activities related to batteries from our Digital Library.

And the Nobel science prizes go to…

Students will answer questions based on the Science News article “Nobel Prize winners announced.”

Fungi are the next green chemistry champs

Students will answer questions based on the Science News article “The next champs of green chemistry.”

Career share and compare

These discussion prompts encourage students to discuss and compare the work and background of two SN 10 scientists to explore the varied paths to becoming a successful researcher.